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Another lovely (L-plate) rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by naikob, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hello Everyone

    I am Kob. I've been wearing hi-vis and still holding a L plate since Nov 15 with a record holding of 2 drops (both on first day I bought this lovely CB300F) and 1 slide already. At the moment, have a bit love hate relationship with my bike but super keen to learn more skill and hopefully to "ace" my bike. :)

    I am usually practising just around East Melbourne, so feel free to say hi, giving some advice and please be gentle with me on the road if you come across me in the area :)
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  2. Welcome mate, get yourself to the learner sessions, you'll get lots of great advice :cool:
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  3. Yo Naikob,

    Welcome to the forums, you'll find a crap-tonne of good advice here.
    (And a whole bunch of crap, and nodding threads)
  4. Welcome mate, yes get down to Elwood sat a.m practice so you can learn how not to drop it slide the bike any more. You'll get it yourself eventually anyway, but it's better to have some advanced riders helping as you learn the right things to do, and avoid getting into bad habits.
  5. I'll give ya a *nod* if I ride pass you on beach rd :)
  6. Hi!
    I got my L's in Nov last year too and have been learning gradually. I'm in the inner east of Melb. I won't be much help but might be nice to have a fellow learner to laugh with. I know I'd certainly appreciate it.
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  7. Ditto for practice on saturdays
  8. Yep! I wanna come down this week :)
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Welcome to NR...

    Two words. Saturday practice..

    If you're comfortable riding around, but need some assistance in getting there, yell out and one of us will ride with you there.

    If you're free this Saturday, I would strongly recommend it.
  11. Thank you guys. Many people mentioned how great the Saturday session is. At the moment even just two blocks on Hoddle St makes me double sweaty already. Need to build the confidence and shake off some nerve to ride there some point.
  12. You can always drive there and introduce yourself, see what goes on. Or ask if anyone can ride with you to make it less unnerving.
  13. Find an industrial area and practice.. Practice..

    When you're comfortable.. Yell out. We are all here to help in any way...
  14. Ok Great I might do that. I have only two wheel chillibutton and in the process of transition from using public transport to ride my bike instead :p
  15. Thank you very much. Living at the edge of CBD is hard to find spot to practice, I guess. But that should be an excuse, right. Some people suggest back road in Richmond Abbotsford. But after my slide in North Richmond still a bit nerve to go around that area at the moment :p