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Another Lost Newb

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kage, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all!

    I was just wondering if I could get some advice. Ok, I’ve been looking in Adelaide for a few months trying to find a decent CBR 250 R, but as of yet have found nothing! i recently bought Just Bikes March ed. And I’ve think I found my answer, its just im a bit wary of sending 6g’s interstate without seeing the bike! There’s a place called Sumoto World of 250’s (sumoto.com.au) in Melbourne that deals in shipping 250’s interstate and they do it for free. I was hoping some one here may have heard of/dealt with them and tell me how reputable they are. I seem to be getting a lot of conflicting info with people telling me that jap imports are the only way to go, while others say steer clear! It’s all a bit much for a newb like me. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Ps my budget is about 4500 – 6000 if any one has any other suggestions

    PPS. Been watchin the forums for a bit and u guys seem to have a great community and im happy to have joined.

  2. Uh Oh! .... Use the search function that appears at the top of every forum page - you'll find lots of discussion on sumoto and people's experience with them and their business practices.
  3. welcome to the forums

    on your questions , i think the best way to answer that is that there are some here who have had dealings with the said company and were not pleased about there experiance .....if you get the point.
  4. hahahahaha after 30 seconds of searching Sumoto's in the forums.... i have come to the conclusion that i should steer clear.... as in burn the add and erase the memory from my mind clear! wow its amazing how one company can get such a bad reputation. i mean really, surely some one would have discovered this and tried to fix up the problems within. ah well, the quest continues!
    cheers for the speedy reply guys.
  5. There are a few 250's that pop up for sale in the "for sale" section.

    You could always ask someone from another state to test the bike for you and if they feel its worth a look then catch either a train or a one way flight interstate, buy the bike and ride it home.

    There are ways of shipping a bike interstate for a few hundred $ too.
  6. Try www.bikesales.com.au you can do a search of the bike, price range and state you're after. You can also look at the redbook value and determine if the price you are paying for the bike is ball park.
  7. Welcome..

    To balance some of the comments, my Across was from Sumoto and I didn't have any problems with it. I didn't use them for any after sales service though so can't vouch for them post sales. Like a lot of major retailers their bikes are a bit pricey. They will negotiate on price, how much depends on the effort your willing to go through.
    Some thoughts...
    - If buying a import, try to stick with a model that has been sold in Aus before. eg. the Across. Parts are easier to come by and the bikes are easier to insure.
    - imports often have much lower K's on them due to licencing and registration laws in other countries (disincentives to keep older vehicles on the road). Aus delivered bikes (especially older 250's) have usually seen a lot of action.
    - don't spend $6k on a 250, save your money for the upgrade. 3-4k will see you will a bike to tide you over until you are off restrictions. Get some VERY GOOD riding gear with that extra $2k.
    - The CBR is probably one of the most expensive 4 stroke 250's out there in terms of initial outlay and running costs (insurance). Definately ring a couple of insurance companies to get a quote. The premiums will scare you. eg. I'm looking at buying a 1997 CBR valued at $6000, how much to insure me?
    - The CBR is a very good bike but debateably only by a small margin over the other sports 250's.
  8. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding bikes in Adelaide - Adelaide, from what I remember from when I lived there, is bike friendly. Bloody good twisties, too.

    A quick search on CBR250RRs in Adelaide on Bikesales.com.au threw back six bikes, but they're all $6000+

    www.tradingpost.com.au and www.bikesales.com.au are your friends.
  9. www.bikepoint.com.au aswell
  10. Ahhh, sumoto, I once had the displeasure of having them move into a factory unit across the road from my house. Their idea of overhauling those bikes was to repaint in the latest colours then 'service' it by revving the titsl off it then doing a couple of monos up and down the road.

    They pissed off everyone in the street, made enemies of the cops and council. Turned out they were operating the business without any of the required permits and were forced to move on. They spent a lot of time annoying the crap out of me, anything I can do to return the favour....

    A note, I often saw the van from the Kawasaki dealer in Brooklyn (on Geelong Rd) parked out the front as well so keep that in mind when buying your bike.

    Don't get too hung up on the CBR's, while they look pretty, your 250 is only a bike to ride while on your restrictions. Buy sometihng a little older or mechanically simpler, like a twin and save your money for the upgrade bike.

    Stuart T
  11. Yeah, sorry about that one raffiki, I new there was another site but couldn't remember the url. Stupid thing is I bought my bike after viewing it on bikepoint not bikesales... :oops: