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Another lesson learned.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I hesitate to post things like this where I frack up and nearly die due to my own pure stupidity, because the public flogging is sometimes quite harsh from you frackers. But, I'll post it - maybe someone else will read it and give them pause when in the same situation.

    Heading to the shop on Friday to pick up the GT, it was about 3pm. I had just got on the bike, was riding up Elizabeth street about here, heading south (the direction of the camera). My head was most definitely in the fracking clouds.

    In the second lane, there were two buses, stopped at the red light ahead. In the third lane, stopped just behind the buses with a giant empty lane in front, was a taxi. I think he was jacking off. There was nothing in front of him.

    So, I pass the taxi, into the third lane. There was a bit of a gap between the two buses, about where the side street was on the left. Did I see anything as I headed up behind the buses? No, empty lane to the left, empty lane to the right.

    Lights still red, so I'm heading towards the intersection doing something like 40 or so, getting ready to stop.

    Car flies out of the side street, in front of the second bus and slams its brakes on when it sees me in the third lane. If it had kept going I would have hit it with no shadow of a doubt, and it would have been messy. I owe my life to a fracking tool trying to turn right across a busy 4 lane road that he couldn't see down in front of a bus.

    This has been filed in my bag of situations to avoid. If you see a gap, between buses, cars might actually appear from there! Who knew? I didn't. I do now. Frack's sake.

    Oh, and the real fracking shame of the entire thing was that I wasn't fracking recording because I was so excited about new bike that I fracking left it turned off. Frack my life.
  2. Don't fracking do it again. lol ...Or else I have to take the GT from you.
  3. the edited version ;)

    :rofl: :rofl:
  4. That's what we like to see around here Chrome - someone filling up their bucket of experience before their bucket of luck runs out. Good tip which I'll try to remember.
  5. Don't just file in under "avoid gap between two buses". File it as "be extremely cautious when approaching any gap between stopped (or even slow moving) traffic".

    Whether filtering or in your own lane, a gap means someone may be trying to get out through lanes of traffic, or someone is letting someone out, or someone is going to try and fill that gap as soon as they can. It doesn't have to be a "Keep Clear" area either.

    It can also mean that the vehicle you are travelling benhind may suddenly and unexpectedly slam on the brakes, when they see the front of a vehicle coming through the gap, leaving you to slide into the back of the vehicle you were following, unless you are very quick on the brakes, or lucky.
  6. From my cold, dead, hands, literally!

    Yeah, you're right. Actually, had this one previously filed under cars, but now its extended to buses and any other large vehicles.

    or following at a safe distance and buffering, I guess.
  7. What a load of frack!
  8. You sir win a cookie, for not trying to make it someone else's fault. Congrats on the not off.
  9. Oh ok, if you're gonna be like that... lol