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Another learner wanting a GT250R

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Razeor, May 4, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Nice site, I have gotten heaps of good info already.

    I have my Pre-L's booked in for the 4th 5th June :cool: . Damn I hate the wait. But I spose that is what happens when you get your L's at 16 and just keep renewing them for a couple of years... I really wish I had bothered to get my P's back then :? *imagines the posibilities* Its been 9 years since my last ride and felt it was about time to get back into it :grin:

    I have started shoping around for bikes and gear. I have seen a few bikes that I like including the VTR250. The more I look at it though, the more I think I might make the move towards a Hyosung GT250R. I love the look of it and from what I have seen around these forums it seems to get good reviews from all that own one.

    I would ask what you all think of them but I have already seen more than enough info from my searchs. Anyway, I really just wanted to say Hi :grin:

  2. welcome to the madhouse
  3. You gotta get the after market pipe makes it sound pretty sweet for a 250 :wink:
    Just make sure if you are buying new to check up m
    on the dealer as a mate of mine brought one down here and had nothing but hassles and I notice the particular dealer dont sell them now wonder why :wink:
  4. Thx Guys,

    Can anyone suggest a good place to buy them from in Sydney?

    There is a Yamaha place in Parramatta I was looking at. The bloke there seemed nice (which is a change from most bike stores I have been into) and was very helpfull. They have an asking price of $7500 (ride away) on theirs.
  5. i know it not sydney but maybe try central coast motorcycles ay. (not too far away from syd)
  6. Ok I will have a look in this direction... It would give me a good excuse to go for a nice ride on the way home too :grin:
  7. This is a copy paste from another forum, first bloke used to work there, second bloke is a cop, take it how you like.

    Posted: Mon 21 Feb 05 21:58 Post subject: Central Coast Motorcycles


    I was headed off today to visit some friends up the Hunter. I had noticed before that my head bearings may be loose, but as I headed off things seem to have gotten beyond "that point" where you think "sh.. knew I should have done something...."
    As a former manager of and friends with all the staff of the above establishment, I hoped that Mark could squeeze in 5 minutes of his time to give the bearings a tap up so I could be on my way. I couldn't do it myself cause i lack one spanner
    Rocked up there, Mark wasnt in, but Paul said "no prob, take me 5 mins"
    Phil saw me there and pulled Paul aside, talking to him for 5 minutes, then Phil came up to me and said they were too busy to do a 5 minute job (so I could go on the last run I will be taking the Bandit on before rego runs out and it comes off the road for a while).
    Nice bloke heh?
    Maybe 5 minutes is asking too much, but as a former staffer of the place, and having bought a lot of bikes off the guy, I thought it not too much to help a fellow biker on his way.
    But no.
    So be aware of these things in your dealings with the man.
    (The rest of the guys are top blokes)

    Posted: Mon 21 Feb 05 22:13 Post subject: Re: Central Coast Motorcycles


    I have nothing at all good to say about this place. I have had nothing but painful dealings with them. The try to rip the customer off at every opportunity and once I even had a salesman threaten me with physical force.

    I recommend to anyone to steer as clear as possible from this place.
  8. why not make use of LAM's and get a bigger bike than a 250?
  9. Thx for the Heads up H0nd@, I will take that into concideration.

    I had thought about this. I was looking at a GS500 yesterday (new) which was unfortunately a bit out of my budget. What ever bike I get I will have to keep it for a few years as we are just about to buy a house. This is why I was wanting to buy new because with the 2 year warranty i wouldn't have to keep putting my pocket everytime something needed fixing. But I am always happy to hear other ppls thoughts.

    I see you have the GT250R, how do you like it? Are you wishing you went higher now?
  10. No LAMS in Vic so stuck with 250.

    If I could have got a bigger bike I would have looked at maybe the GT650 LAMS approved, so I could pull out the limited when unrestricted [or maybe before :grin: ]

    I Want a Bigger Bike is what just about every 2fiddy owner says after a couple of months.
  11. *Update*

    Well today I found an 05 GT650R with a few little extra's, LAM compatible and for almost the same price as a new 250 version. 11,000 on the clock but has just had a complete new engine put in 1000km's ago. Hopefully that means no more problems and I am hoping its not a lemon :( cos I couldn't resist :shock:. I am now the proud owner of a Hyosung GT650R. Now I really can't wait to get my licence :grin: :grin:

    I will post some pics when I can :grin:
  12. Congrats on the new bike.

    hhmmm ,it's got a new motor at 11,000km ,wonder why?.

    Could of been a hot piston in the thingey bob ,next to the dobelacker.
    Or a newbie forgot to put oil in it. :LOL:

    Who cares you got a new bike. :grin:
  13. Maybe a suspect engine under warranty, or someone who caned it from the word go. Some people have no idea about running in periods, and I've heard more than once that you should "run em in like you want to drive/ride them" which is total bulshit.
    There should be a box on the pre delivery paperwork marked "ignorant knob who will thrash engine and not service it" so they can get a pre run in engine or something.
    Either way, sounds like a pretty decent deal to me!
    Oh, and weclome to the wonder of LAMS!

    Regards, Andrew.