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Another Learner Riding home from work

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by NegroGrande, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Finally picked up my bike today from action in the city and rode home in peak hour I am well chuffed with myself as its the first time i've ridden since my pre-learners a couple of weeks ago.
    I found that it really wasn't that hard if you just looked where you were going and let your subconcious do the rest.

  2. Congratulations!! :grin:

    I've been licensed for 2 weeks and my husband doesn't want me riding alone yet, but all you lucky kids down south don't even have to have a licensed rider with you on your learners!!!

    But then the good point - I didn't have to wear a crappy P plate when I got my car license!!!
  3. Well done NG ..

    Great feeling isn't it :grin:
  4. maybe try the back streets a bit before jumping out on the open road ?

    congrats on the new bike.
  5. Rode to work this morning no hassles stayed in the bus lane most of the time then lane split until i got into the city proper then just stayed in my lane

    never been so excited to go to work :grin:
  6. nice one! :grin: just watch out for jerks turning left from the middle lane cutting across the bus lane
  7. congrats on the new bike!!

    becareful of buses too - they like to squeeze u in...
  8. I stay well away from the buses

    they are really agressive when it comes to lane changes

    thanks for the feedback looking forward to going on a group ride
  9. aww u have nerves
    i'm still debating whether to ride to and from work, cos peak hour on the freeway is not fun
  10. Likewise - I haven't done the commute yet due to the fwys. Its bad enough it my car let alone on a bike........