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Another lams suggestion

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by christrails, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Another lams suggestions thread lol

    So between the;


    or any others that are around that era?

    What do you think it better?

    I like the sound of the CBR250RR and my mate owns one so it's mad but in saying that I ride a wr450f and i love the power so idk if i'd enjoy the cbr250rr?
  2. zxr250A

    balls to the wall fun and in the same league as the old RR's will be a culture shock getting used to it...was odd to me going from a zzr/gpx to the zxr so i imagine it'd be twice as bad going from a trail bike to the zxr riding position

    saying that i could just be a pussy....and yes...i'm extremely biased regarding kawasaki's.
  3. If you're already used to a WR450F I'd ignore overpriced old sportsbikes and just go with one of the many LAMs legal motard options. An XT660 or DRZ400 would be a good option if you want something relatively low maintenance or suitable for everyday use - though if you just want performance there's quite a few much faster options available.

    Something like a CBR250RR has a lot of power for its size, but nowhere near the torque (ie acceleration) of a big single.
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  5. Or if you don't just ride in a straight line.

    Acceleration out of a corner up a windy road is where you'll really notice the benefit of extra torque.
  6. or...you would think...a sports bike chassis and low weight?
  7. Yes well I suppose if you think the chassis can compensate for having around half the torque, not to mention more weight and less power, then yes - a CBR250RR does make more sense than a DRZ400.

    But when you also factor in the fact you can get a 2-3 year old DRZ for the price of a 15+ year old grey import CBR - then the motard is the clear winner. I'm thinking it's more than coincidence that the increased popularity of motards in Japan correlates very closely with the decline of bikes like the CBR250RR.
  8. The OP asked which is better between the CBR250RR and the RVF400, and I have to admit I haven't ridden an RVF400, but, from the prices asked for them I'd have to assume they are very neat wee machines, basically race bikes with rego.

    I have ridden the CBR 250RR, and the Baby Blade is a joy to ride if
    A you actually fit on it. (I can only stand the pain for about 10 minutes!)
    B you can actually ride a motorbike and keep the revs up.

    But, assuming "better" translates to faster.....

    a bloke I knew, a couple of years ago, bought a Cagiva Mito, street fightered it, as in removed the fairing, and slotted in a Yamaha RZ motor.

    I think that, on paper, it was an RZ250 motor, while in fact, it was a 350, and, last heard of, it was bored and/or stroked out to over 400cc.

    It still have LAMS printed on the rego stick! :applause: