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Another LAMS bike question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. As you'd know, my bike was written off. I'm going to have a crack at getting a payout rather than insurance paying a higher cost for a new one. I've got a hefty financial commitment but don't know its full amount yet so....

    I've considered the following options:

    1. Keep the cash and wait until my restrictions are over then go looking for whatever I want / can afford.

    2. Get another two-fiddy with the amount left from the payout minus the excess (if I get paid out). This would mean I'd have a bike.... just as I did before it was written off.

    3. Consider myself very lucky from my off, put a hold on riding for a while and put the payout (if it happens) towards reducing the upcoming debt.

    To give you an idea of what I'm looking at, I'd narrow it down to a more recent GPX (2006 or thereabouts), VTR (2005 or thereabouts) or ZZR (2005 or thereabouts). I can't think of anything else that isn't too old that would fit a total spend (bike + Vicrods transfer duty, and maybe + insurance) of a maximum of $5k. I won't consider anything with a terrible resale value. The CBR, ZX2R, FZR and cruisers are out. I think a GS500 or ER5 would be about the only other bikes I'd consider. I'll have to see what their going rates are.

    The GPX seems a front runner to me because it isn't expensive, has a good rate for insurance, has a big tank so has a long range. I suspect that when I'd sell it in future I wouldn't lose much. I don't know whether or not I'd like fairings but I do like at least having a fly screen. It seems strange turning the bar and the mirrors stay in place.

    A question about the parallel twins. Do they vibrate much? A CB250 vibrates far too much for my liking. I don't want anything like that. Both the VTR and Hyosung 250s had a rev range where they'd vibrate a little more (around 6,000 +/- 500 rpm) but nothing annoying like a CB250.

    All I found that was relevant in my search was:

    I gave up after the second page of the search.

    Another question, if anyone has ridden the above, what's your opinion/comparison of them (how they ride) and the pluses and minuses about each? How does a GS500 and ER5 compare to them (apart from the extra capacity/go)?
  2. I don't notice any vibration on my GS500, but I know others have commented that they can/do feel it. As for mileage, I got around 4.5L/100 when stock no matter how I rode it or where, now currently get 4.33L ave (has been modded a bit). The GS500 redlines at 11k or so, but in most riding I rarely need to go over 5-6k as they are pretty torquey for what they are.

    Can't comment on the other bikes, only rode a CB250 on the L course and that doesn't really count.
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  4. ZZR/GPX aren't too bad for vibrations. Obviously something like a modern i4 cb400 would be much smoother. But I never had any issues with vibration on my zzr at regular speeds. 18L tank, 4L/100km is easily attainable (maybe not for more experienced riders though) making for 400 before reserve, 450 til empty.
  5. I also noticed the hyosung 250 (GT250) vibrated a fair bit. Especially at highway revs. But I found it tolerable. Having said that, my old CBR also vibrated in a 'specific' rev range - anything over 15,000rpm :LOL:
    But admittedly the parallel twins vibrate more, especially in the lower rev ranges.