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Another L Plater

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by booga666, May 23, 2006.

  1. hey every 1 just got my L's 2day, alll excited now i just gota get a bike benn searching all sites papers etc, if any1 knows of any good bikes for sale let me no!!!!!

  2. One less L plater...
    You jouned the Yellow flag bregade, on sunday i just got my P's.

    welcome to the insanity... Sorry comunity.
  3. Well done booga, now the fun begins well after you get the bike of course.

    Hey falcon congrats on the P's, where did you do it?
  4. Hey Booga , congrats on gettin your licence what sort of bike are you after? You might wanna check out the bikes for sale section, Black Betty is selling a nice VTR250.

    Oh and welcome to the friendly forums. :grin:
  5. Did it at DECA Altona...
    But Shhh... this is Booga 's thread :grin:
  6. Congratulations on achiving your licences :grin:
  7. Welcome to the Mad House...:LOL:

    You probably should say does anyone know of any bikes for sale... Cause you might find there are a lot, you need something like a price range I would say, and weather you want a commuter or a bike for nice netrider rides :p Or possibly just rides in general (We do have those... sometimes :))
  8. thanx every1 im looking at spending between $3500-$4000 im pretty open to bikes as i dnt realy go much on any of the LAM's bikes but mostly been looking at ZZR250's Across or VTR250's and Spadas so as u can see a big mix of bikes dnt realy mind just want sumthing neat and reliable as it will be riden everyday!!!!!
  9. Congrats and welcome Booga. Plus congrats at least to falcon.
  10. Take a look through the bikes for sale section here, I picked my ZZR up through netrider, and as far as i am aware the previos owner got it through here as well.

    Wich would sort of make it the town bike... :oops:
  11. Another Booga :shock:

    Welcome to the forums, and congrat's on getting your L's.

    Where abouts do you live? Would help in narrowing down a search for you...
  12. yeah i got stuck with it buy my trainer gota cum out 2 it 2!!! lol
    i live in orange at the moment but moving back 2 sydney and there alot so anything in syd is fine im going on the w/e!!!!