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Another L Plater to look out for.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tommi, May 26, 2005.

  1. I passed the course today and im doing the RTA test tomorow or sat.. :D the course kicked ass i was very happy with my progress

    2 people in my class failed and another girl was on a scooter so really i was the best by defult. haha

  2. Good on ya Tommi. Noticed you're looking at the CBR/ZXRs - I think there was a good discussion on the merits of such about a month ago, if you have a search.
  3. thanks for that.. i had a search but couldnt find anything specific
  4. Congrats man, we'll see you on a ride soon eh?

    Good luck with the test and good luck finding a bike... :D
  5. Well done mate.
  6. congratulations :) It's a great feeling being able to ride on the road for the first time. And it just doesn't stop! :)
  7. Congrats Tommi..
    Hope to see you out there soon.
  8. thanks everyone.. hopefully will do the test tomorow or monday.. will go bike shopping tomorow tho.. want to check out a few ZX2R's ;)

    cheers for the link flashfire.. i got all the questions correct bar one. hehe too cool for school
  9. well i got my licence now! im going to look at the bike im pretty sure im going to buy tomorow.. i have ridden it once but my mates a bike mechanic so he will take a look at it and i might just get it,

    guess i might be seeing you all at next sydney coffee night.
  10. Congrats tommi!! It was mad fun like I told ya hey? Just wait till you get the bike out more than once then its like smoking cigarettes and there is no stopping ya!! How many did ya get wrong in the theory test? And how did the other two fail?
  11. Got the bike yesterday rode it this arvo.. absoloutly great feeling! hehe

    i got 3 wrong in the theory but only coz i was cocky and was rushing it and the two people who failed one had never even ridden a bike and had no balance and the other one was not confident enough
  12. Well Done mate. Take it easy out there

    Cheers 8)
  13. congrats on the licy :)