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Another L plate to adorn the walls at HQ

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Yayyyyy, I got my P's yesterday. :p :p :p

    On sunday night I was chatting to a friend, he informed me he was going for his P's yesterday. I said ohhh thats great, then you can tell me all about it, and what's involved so when I go for mine, I wont be so nervous.
    He said..."why don't you come with me for moral support, and watch, then you will see for yourself?" ok...arranged to meet up in the morning and ride out to Calder together.
    When I got there, Stewie from Rider Bro's said....well ya here now, ya may as well sit the test....so I did...an hour and a bit later and I PASSED!
    One guy that was there crashed, lucky I did my test before him, I would have been so nervous if I saw him stack first.
    Anyway, Im so pleased I went,spur of the moment decision and I didnt have time to get nervous.

    To celebrate getting our P's...my mate and I took ourselves off to the black spur to celebrate, it was cold but fun all the same.
    Hmm so now the waiting game begins....
    12 more months, Its agony already! Went looking at bikes today...my bad.

  2. What a great set of circumstances, as you say, on the spur (sorry about that) of the moment, and it didn't give you a chance to get nervous.... Congratulations!!
  3. good one, well done

  4. Congratulations Caz, I know what you mean about 12 months of agony I can't wait until my restrictions end.
  5. :applause: well done caz, spur (of the moment) to (black) spur :p
  6. Congratulations :biker:
  7. Congratulations Caz :woot:

    Well done and that was good that they let you do it then. At the moment there is about an 8 week waiting list for doing your 'P's down here.
  8. Good on ya caz! :grin: :grin: :beer:
  9. Well done caz, 12 months aint that long :wink:
  10. Well done CAZ, sychronisity is what you call it.

    Now to get off my bum and get off my L's :grin: