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Another 'L' Plate burning ceremony

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Got My Licence TODAY !!! :woot:

    .. The second phase of my 'world on two wheels' is now beginning :biker:
    I did learn something today .. My countersteering and cornering SUCKS :shock:

    BTW .. Thanks SHEPPO for spending a little practice time with me before my test :beer:

  2. Congrats, welcome to the club!
  3. Congratz mate, i know the feeling.

    It is however one step in many when it comes to learning about bikes and riding.

    So keep it up and ya, defo practice your weak points as well as keeping your other skills sharp!
  4. I may as well say i got my l's on wednesday last week rather than start another thread,

    also i still need a bike, any1 in sydney selling a good suzuki across around $2k - $3.4k ????? ^_^ I fell in love once i heard it has a lockable boot, will be sick for going to uni ( put bag in boot while riding and then take it out and put the helmet in boot once i get to uni , no fuss ^_^)
  5. Congrats on getting your permit mate ! :grin:
    You'll find a few Across's in bikesales.com.au at around your price range.
    Good Luck !
  6. congrats Vinnie!!!


    my best friend goes for her licence next friday
    any tips??

  7. Thanks pro-pilot & fitryder :)

    Thanks Tracey :p
    I would recommend brushing up on left and right curves, braking reaction time and swerving/countersteering.
    PS . If she/he is doing the licence course ( as oppossed to just the test ) .. odds of passing are so much better.
  8. Good stuff Vinnie. thSMILIES1.
  9. see, nothing to worry about!

    cornering needs improving aye, well you're coming on a ride with our group then! will be in contact.
  10. Thanks Vinnie
    we did heaps of that yesterday around the industrial areas of Laverton
    and she is a natural so I am thinking as long as her nerves dont get the better of her she will be fine
    yes she is doing the course too

    There was no doubt you would pass Vinnie you have learnt so much in the time you first joined netrider and been an active learner not afraid to ask questions. Congrats to you and here is to the 12 month count down