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Another Joining

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Araid, May 18, 2012.

  1. WOW... Found this site about 2 weeks ago after i started looking for wheels and some general information. Having been is Aus not that long i had no idea about the system but this site gave allot of information.

    Currently in the Newcastle area and doing L's in about 2 weeks. First child was born not to long ago so used the need transport to get past the wife.

    Getting some wheels soon after so keep an eye on the forum for another "what bike should I get" post. =D>

  2. Welcome Araid, We are used to the what bike should I get thread. :)
  3. first child hey? ....you know we take first children as sacrifice's for the road god's around here right?

    bullshit aside....welcome...and i'll save you the hassle - just buy my bike. :]

    lol edit - you're right...at 145kg's ...my lil 250 will be like flogging a codeine addicted donkey to you...so i retract the above statement....and leave it at Welcome
  4. Hi Araid and welcome to NR. Have fun getting those L's. It's can be a life change experience.
  5. Haha... Thanks i will go for a bigger bike as i dot want to strangle a donkey as you said. :-s

    Cant wait to go for the L's and get on the road. Every time a bike drives past me in the car i find myself trying to catch up and stare. :eek:hno: