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Another Joey...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by joeyyyy, May 22, 2007.

  1. Greetings all.

    Have been reading your forums for about 3 days now. Something to do when in the office. Am currently in Italy but live in Elwood VIC when not here. Must say. Hats off to you all of you guys and girls. I've been involved with a few forums and am really impressed with the maturity and sensibility amongst you guys. Looking forward to being part of it!

    Have learnt a lot after reading basically 15 pages worth of threads into most topics. Thankyou again for the knowledge.

    Got hundreds of questions but I think I'll wait till I wander along to a ride day. Read one post about Thursday meet ups: you guys go to Bellshack. I've known Joe and Jamie for years. Had a laugh when you guys were talkin about them. Ask Joe about his stack next time you're in >_<

    So yeah, motorbikes right?

    Will admit I havent got much motorbike experience, heaps on downhill and mountain bikes. Even a little trials so my balance on 2 wheels is not a problem. Did the Armstrongs 9 hour course and didnt have a problem whatsoever on the bike. Felt great.

    Looking forward to coming home after working here in Italy and buying a ZX2R. Got my L's just before I left so I can get my licence when I return.

    Am set on the ZX2R for its (supposed) reliability, dual front discs and riding position. Seems to fit me well and I love the look! I'll die before I become a CBR bandwagoner and the FZR is too uncomfortable.
    Looking at the Alpinestars RC-1 Jacket as I also work on the logic, never enough protection, SP2 gloves, an AGV Airtech as again seems the Italians make helmets for Italian heads well, Sidi boots and draggins.

    I have been reading the threads about how to tell the parents and I'm kinda laughing. You guys reckon you have problems, heres my dillema:

    Dad fell off a Ducati 900 SS age 23. Round a corner (he reckons the front tyre blew out but I dont beleive it) fell into a picket fence. One picket through his skull, in his forhead out the side, one in his shoulder out the other side, basically broke everything.
    Aftermath? Metal skull, metal arm, 3 months in hospital and no long term damage (ie brain damage, limp etc.)
    He is a doctor in Dandenong hospital Emergency. See's the organ donors day in day out.
    He is also Sicilian. Those of you who have wog parents will see the imminent problem here.

    Try convince him you're getting a bike!

    But been reading all your posts with great interest. He gave me the whole "get one and you're out of my house, no ifs, no buts" thing. My bike licence arrived in the mail at home last week and I got a call saying "What the F is this etc... Thought I told you rararara". Being the oldest of 4 doesnt help either. "What about your siblings? What will they think etc."

    All my relatives here are on my side. Think my fathers insane for being so naive. In our arguement, I quote him "IF I HAD MY WAY I WOULD BAN MOTORBIKES INDEFINITELY". Sorry, there goes your credibility. Think once he gets here they'll do a good job in chillin him out and I'll ride with you guys soon... Just need to make him realise I understand what kind of responsibility and self control this takes. That I've understood his concerns and am not taking this lightly. Blah. We'll see.

    Dan where are you cow?

    Not sure if I've written too much about too little so if you guys would like to add or ask anything as always I'm all eyes and ears.

    Peace n love.
  2. Stupid dilly. Sup?
  3. the dog is here to haunt you, joey
  4. Do you still take it to lectures and does it still piss in classrooms?
  5. Boy that was a long - but funny read, :LOL:
    welcome Joey.

    take your dad with ya to the next riding course, I'm sure he did lot's of safety courses when he was 23 before getting on that duck. who knows he might get back on.
  6. Ciao e benvenuto Joeyyy!!!

    You're the male child to wog parents - you can do nothing wrong! Try being the tom-boy black-sheep youngest only daughter! Perseverance is the key :wink:

    Hope you survive the italian drivers and don't become one of em! :p God help Elwood if you do! :p
  7. Man

    You got no idea how these guys drive! There are no lane markings anywhere, and if they are they may as well be invisible, people dont actually know what "indicators" are and those that do never use them, motorcyclists and scooter-ists (Buh?) dont use helmets and age from 15 to 85.

    Loving it.
  8. Hmm. My dad is suddenly fine with it.... Really did not see that coming any time soon.

    Bike here we come I guess?
  9. he must miss you.. being over there in italy? dont know why, i dont :p
    COME BACK!! buy a bike! and lets go riding!! race you.