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Another Irwin beat-up.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Outrage and horror all over the headlines this morning as a comedian on the ABC last night had the nerve to criticise Bindi Irwin...


    Oh, please. Last time I checked, a comedian's role is to amuse and entertain. Watch the clip (ignore what the media is SAYING about it, go to the source) and you'll see that that is exactly what the lady was doing.

    All the reverence and awe that has begun to surround the family since the death of Steve Irwin is, in my opinion, totally over the top and unwarranted.

    It must be kept in mind that many Australians didn't jump on the Irwin bandwagon before or since. To many of us he was less of a wildlife warrior and more of a wildlife WORRIER.

    If his family chooses to continue to seek the spotlight, then they must be prepared to take the good with the bad.

    Way too precious in my opinion.

  2. Im not too phased by the drama, but Id like to point out the criticisms labelling her as "un-Australian".

    I think youre being a bit un-Australian Mr. rc36.
  3. Tall poppy syndrome is very "australian"
  4. got a link to the clip?
  5. I saw the show, as it happened. It was hilarious, and the media reports of Adam Hills being embarrassed, etc, are a complete lie.
  6. I saw the show and it was pretty funny.
    If anyone was offended by it they need to HTFU.

    Mind you, they might have cut out the more juicy bits.

  7. I think that the basis for criticism lies in the idea that she is too young to be subjected to mockery or innuendo by the media. That may be, but that same media has been blithe on the the subject of whether she was too young to be put to work earning millions of dollars for the business behind her (and the media outlets that also profit from her).
  8. Saw it…
    Didn’t even really register as something to pay that much attention to.
    As Hornet said Adam didn’t really bat an eyelid at it, and if you have seen the amount of content they cut out, then you would realise that the produces obviously didn’t think there was an issue either.
    F#$king media beat ups…
    Just a little bit Bullshit.
  9. This country is turning into a bunch of easily offended softc**ks egged on by both sides of the media.
  10. Amen......
  11. Since the whole kookaburra VS men at work incident which originated from spicks and specks, media are watching it more closely for slip ups...

    that's all.
  12. Bah, picking on kids is bad form pure and simple. A real comedian doesn't have to sink so far into the bin unless they are trash to begin with...
  13. Both Fiona O'Loughlin and Bindi Irwin get a world of free advertising out of this. Win-Win.
  14. We watch Spicks and Specks every Wednesday night as a family thing we do, so I saw this one too. I think the only outrage coursed by this is from the media. They only report these things to create stories and outrage where there is none. It's what sells their papers and gets them the advertising dollars, and it works so why would they stop now?

    Anyway, Fiona O'Loughlin and Chris Durling seemed to get on pretty well for the rest of the show. They all had fun!

    Oh, and FALCON-LORD, do you happen to watch Hungry Beast after Spicks and Specks? Just though you might do judging by the end of your post. :) Wednesday night ABC is some of the only TV I watch because of Spicks and Specks, Hungry Beast and The IT Crowd.
  15. bah humbug....

    Comedy is comedy ... you are always going to offend SOMEONE...

    make a YO MAMA joke, and SOME ONE who happens to hear has lost their mum recently...

    you cant win ...

    she was joking...

    they were making jokes at the expense of HER and HER KIDS shortly before/After ... so what ..

    and then the gag concluded with another comedian on the show calling fiona names and the crocman giving them a hi five...
    comedic justice.

    anyway .. bindy should have been in bed already.

  16. I wondered how long it would take for someone to pick that up.
    Sure bloody do.
    Any program that is willing to post content when one of there watches takes them to task when they screw up, has more kudos than any of the Mainstream Current affairs Garbage.
    They are obviously lefties from there content, but they are also very willing to show both sides of an argument without prejudice.
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  18. I thought it was piss funny! and I have to agree with her, Bindi is creepy!
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  20. that is her comedy act though, its all about her own kids, all good harmless fun