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another insurance question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by awseome, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    i had a crash last night coming home from work. ( smidsy effect ). anyways the bike was towed by a QBE contractor to peter stevens, i lodged a claim with QBE today but before that allianz called me ( insurer of the women who wanted to be there where i was on the road. ), the woman has accepted liability for the accident and allianz wanted to know if i would deal with them direct.. so whats the better option let qbe sort it out or go straight to allianz? because they still want the excess. shouldnt that be paid by allianz?

  2. I would go through your insurance, thats what they are there for, if there are any probs they will look after it.

    check wif your insurance co about the excess, if the other company admits fault then it shouldnt be a problem

  3. Use your Insurer as stated above.
    The o/p's insurer may be hoping for an "easier ride". Your insurer should also NOT charge you an excess.
  4. thanks guys.
  5. Further to the above, unless QBE get something in writing from the person who caused the accident, or their insurer (Allianz), then they will still ask you for an excess.

    If you can get something from the woman or from Allianz, to pass on to QBE, then they will not ask for an excess. (QBE may already have requested/received this from Allianz)
  6. all sorted allianz is covering the excess, but the funny thing is the bike has all GB racing crash knobs and accessories. and Peter Stevens have hit a brick wall trying to find them. its a pretty expensive kit as well 270 euros i think.
  7. Re: another and another insurance question

    i guess i need advise on this, i really need a bike for work as i move around a bit in the CBD and south melbourne. so i spoke to qbe my insurer they said they wont cover it, so had to call allianz the other persons insurer, they are saying they cant guarantee anything and may or not pay the rental costs. so before i commit i just want an opnion if they are liable to cover any " reasonable costs incurred by me" keeping in mind that my bike is 675 triple would or can they say i should have hired a cheaper 250. or do they have to at least macth my old bike. btw i am thinking of a gs500 or a hornet from garners.
  8. Get a copy of the rental agreement, the term and the cost: total.
    Acknowledge this is the limit of the cost involved (ie. you WILL hire that bike, for that amount of time only).
    Submit to them that they should agree to reimburse you for this.

    Unless you get a written agreement that they'll pay: they won't pay.

    They'll try and be nice and give you 'maybe's' and 'sometimes we can work something out' - but unless you can guarantee them a figure, no insurance company is stupid enough to admit liability for unspecified costs, and no insurance company will honour any agreement that isn't written.
  9. so you are saying i should go get an agreement, have the cost put down, and get the company to agree on it. Before commiting to the agreement? good idea may just do that.
  10. Unless your policy has a "replacement vehicle" clause you are probably out of luck.
  11. Hi All,

    have an insurance question - anyone suggest a good motorbike insurer who is reliable but affordable, Wife and i are learners, just bought her a cbr125r, need to insure it.

    Please assist :)
  12. Best way is to shop around and read the PDS.

    Sometimes the cheapest is that way for a reason.

    People here have mentioned having good experiences with Swann, IMR and Shannons when it comes to claims.
  13. I can say that I was insured with Swann Ins, I had an off on 21st Nov, got my payout in my accound today! I got good treatment fom them, insure your riding gear as well!! They allow up to $500 for a helmet, you can pay by the month too. I am not a learner was paying bout $26 p/month on a bwmr1200c, value of $11,000.. My experince was good with Swann. Good luck, just make sure you at the very least get a covernote while you mke your mind up!! Dont ride un-insured !!!
  14. Did the swann online quote, think it was $330 for 12 months full comp. Bike isn't that pricey, but fire theft was only $250, not much difference.
  15. There is a thread which is Stickied in this section for this.... Has a list of all of them.

    Make sure you read the PDS