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Another insurance quandry ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, May 5, 2005.

  1. I just rang RACV to arrange an insurance policy for the new ZZR before I pick it up tonight.

    Bike :
    1999 ZZR250
    $4200 purchase price

    Insured Agree Value of $5500
    No excess if not at fault, $400 if at fault or otherwise. Rating 1 for life
    Premium = $416.33
    pay by the month if I wish, will be about $60 dearer over the year

    Western QBE
    Insured purchase price value $4200
    $200 Excess, informed them of my Rating 1 for life with RACV
    Premium = $243.00
    must pay in full

    Swann Insurance
    Directed me to Moto-One to get insurance
    Moto-One - No answer on the phone, will try after lunch

    What do you reckon ? Do I setlle for the value of $4200, or do I go for the higher amount of $5500 for $173 more in premiums ?
  2. Swann don't sell direct, only through a dealer.

    You can phone any dealer that is a reseller (most are) and get them to put it through for you.

    As for the decision, don't write your bike off and save $173 :)
  3. Swann just quoted me $776 because they wont give me a Rating 1, only a Rating 6.

    Looks like it's going to be QBE for $4200 at $243 with a $200 excess
  4. What is QBE like to deal with?
  5. They were straightforward in getting this quote/cover note/policy. Just go through the regular questions. She had to put me hold a couple of times to get the answer to a couple of questions I asked, but I'd rather her do that and get it right than not.

    They were fine, whole thing was done in less than 15 minutes
  6. Cover note, now there is your answer, how long does it last 14 days, 21 days, 30 days?
    Then ring racv, arrange same, wait, them ring swann, arrange same, them back to QBE, who knows with some careful planning you might be safe for another 12 months.
  7. QBE you are stuck with authorised repairers but I've heard that RACV will payout the value of your repair quote to you and you then you arrange the repairs yourself (leaving you room to cut out the fat a little) you want to check that but it could be a huge advantage if you do have an off.
  8. I was insured with RACV when I crashed and they insisted on an approved repairer, was Peter Stevens Nth Melb. Wasn't given the option of cash and carry.

    That said I negotiated with PS to repair some stuff rather than replace and ended up with enough slush cash to get racetech springs, gold valves, a rebuilt rear shock and new spring, MRA screen and a K&N air filter. It helps to get along with the guys doing the work too (nudge, nudge Matt232 :p :LOL: ) .
  9. try NRMA, they beat RACV and QBE for my stuff, might be worth a look.
  10. I was just with RACV - they do not pay cash to value of the repair, they wrote it off !

    I rang the NRMA last time around, they don't insure vehicles that are registered outside of NSW, they told me to ring the RACV.
  11. hmm... then someone at NRMA needs to get the sack for insuring me!
  12. And then they paid you out the cash.
  13. Does QBE cover your personal gear, leathers etc, and helmet? I have heard some don't.
  14. An MRA screen? Didn't they have any Netrider or VMU ones....?

  15. NRMA dont operate in Vic...only NSW, QLD and I think WA.....
  16. QBE....No (have a read of the policy document)
    Swann...Yes (have a read of the policy document)
  17. RACV will give you up to $350 for helmet if damaged in same incident you are claiming bike damage for.
  18. you victorian riders are just too risky! :D :D :D
  19. Is that NRMA don't operate in Vic for bikes or for bikes and cars. How long has it been since they operated here? IIRC I got a quote for my car from them in Vic about six years ago.
  20. don't know.

    Quick Q : what does "IIRC" stand for ?