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Another idiot story - filtering

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Filtered up the side of a long line of traffic yesterday arvo, along the extra bit of road on the side. Pull up to the front, take off from the lights away from everyone as you do. Notice a Camry in my mirror that was behind me at the lights desperately trying to catch up with me. I was approaching another set of lights slowing down to turn right and he speeds right up my @rse honking the horn (would have needed to go at least 120 to catch up to the point I was at) gives me the finger shouting abuse (i just gave him a wave) then proceeds to sit in the right hand lane with his indicator on for as far as I could see him! Far out there are some
    d!ckheads around!!

  2. Don't swet it...long as you did'nt interfere with anyone, or impede their progress, he has nothing to be raving on about.
    Just another aggressive tosser, that can't handle someone getting in front of him.
    Smile inside your helmet for not having to troll along in the traffic with nuts like that, eh. :grin:
  3. I just thought it was funny as, how much effort he made to make his 'point'!!
  4. same story.......... i was on my L's though

    came up 2 the next set of lights .... dude got out of his car and pushed me off my bike!

    Cracked my LH fairing........... got a nice boot to his side panel when he got back in his car
  5. :shock: I hope he treasured his car then!
  6. 'course, if you had witnesses he could have been done for assault, which is what it was...
  7. I just can't believe how fired up some people get! Had a car try and take me out one day, all over just being up the front of the traffic. I'm sure they see it as "skipping the queue".
  8. Holy F#$%!

    Witnesses, report it, etc???
  9. Man, good on you for just smiling and waving!
  10. That would bring on about 5 minutes of insane rage where I would not remember a thing :twisted: .... but him or his f**king car would be on fire :twisted:
  11. simlar things like that happen all the time.

    the other day I was at the front of the line (after filtering there) at the last set of lights on the Wakehurst Parkway (northbound) before the two lanes merge to one.

    I was in between the first 2 cars and as the lights went green, I took of as normally do fully expecting to leave the cars behind. They both took off so I half gunned it (hornet 900) and the car on my right also gunned it.

    We had both left the car on my left for dead by this stage.

    At this point with road running out I thought it would be better to back off and let this d1ckhead be the man and not have him up my ar#se all the way down the parkway.

    He went past in a cloud of black smoke as his turbo "whatever" was working to fever pitch and I really hope he seriously damaged it.

    Footnote: he made a man of himself, but I passed him and a few others down the line later :LOL: :LOL:

  12. That's insane.

    +1 to boot the car.

    ... try for a light-cluster or door-hinge, kiddies! Make that kick count for $omething :grin:
  13. Thats what I like to hear Jeff :LOL:

    They take off like idiots and then you cruise past them at the next set of lights... sometimes I give a half nod in their direction like the true gentleman I am!! :p
  14. Yeah well you would think in peak hour traffic in syd someone would et out of their car and help but no i had to pick up the thing all by myself, everyone just kept driving!!!!
  15. Its easy to be a smartass in traffic when you can lanesplit :LOL:
  16. I travel to work at about the same time, on the same route - every day.

    I have to give and take with the traffic a bit, as I need the goodwill!.

    I have not found any animosity, as long as you are not a dill when you slip up between them, and dont bash their mirrors etc.

    Of course there are the fair share of people who are blissfully unaware of anyone else on the road, but thats why I give em a miss. No bike should be forced to stay behind a car, there is always the next set of lights.
  17. The shouting of abuse constitutes assault. Pushing the bike over (with rider on it) constitutes assault and battery.
  18. Keerect, thanks for that - 'twas but a senior moment. ;)
  19. :LOL: hundy you cop all the sh!t, seems you get my share as well as i cop absolutely nothing *touches wood*, well except for one time where some one pulled across on me, then got the shits when i got a chance gave it a fist full and split past the bogan biatch in her 86 tarago

    i love canberra and it's lovely wide roads
  20. Damn, I can't even fathom what must go through someones head to want to take it to the next level. There really are some small minded wankers out there, whether it be damaging bikes, or kicking mirrors off cars.