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Another Hello from Brisbane~

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Shrine, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I always have a passion for scooter riding. This dream finally is coming true in a couple of weeks!

    Currently, I'm a uni student and my partner is a work-from-home web developer, and both of us are on bicycles. Since my classes will be taken place in CBD and he is thinking of getting a casual job for social purpose, we have decided to upgrade our transportation. We found that costs involved in owning a good (as in new and reliable) car are too high, so we have decided to do Scooter instead!

    After lots of research and comparisons between all makes, models, and prices, we have made a decision and just put down a deposit for a Sym/Bolwell VS125 in sexy white!

    The scooter will be delivered in a few days. We have also purchased our full-face helmets, protective jackets and gloves. The only missing link here is that we are still only learners. Hopefully, we will pass the Q-ride course in a week or so. :p We are so excited and can't wait to ride it!

    To you all, thanks for having this forum. Netrider gives us lots information on gear, safety, and even insurance. :) It's a wonderful and helpful web community!
    Cheers, :beer:

    Shianne and Scott

  2. Welcome to NR !
  3. Welcome to Netrider, and lots of luck with the scootering, a passion shared is a passion multiplied. (Of course, we wouldn't want you arguing over who's riding it, would we?? :LOL:)