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Another happy VStrom / DL650 owner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by duncanp, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Picked up my first upgrade from a vtr250 - to a V-Strom 650.
    It's an 04 model with 16k. It's got a Metzler Tourance on the back with maybe another 5k to run but the front tyre is the original and needs replacing.

    Another Tourance on the front looks good to me but for probably 90-10 split between highway and dirt (looking into my crystal ball for b/s statistics) would a TKC80 be better? and don't you just know who I want to answer this one!!

    Where should my first (learner's) ride on the dirt be?

    PS Having hassles setting the clock time. I've got the minutes right and am now only two hours slow!!
  2. Onya Duncan - nice choice :cool:

    First ride should be St Albans - Wisemans - nice easy gravel.

    The TKC come standard on the 1200GS Adventure, and still a good quality tyre for highway use. But there is nothing really wrong with the Tourance for smooth gravel and it will last longer.

    If you were planning to do more challenging 4WD tracks I'd say definitely get the TKC.

    So why not get the TKC, it will wear a bit quicker, but you will get added confidence in the dirt which could lead to bigger and better things :cool:

    So do you have crashbars installed :wink:

    Look forward to catching up soon

    Cheers Aelx
  3. Well done duncan !!!

    Whats with the exodus to enduro bikes ????

    gegvasco ---> Strom
    you --->Strom
    toecutter ---> Copnard, then KLR
    marvin --->TDM

    And i'm in the process of going down the path also with a Pegaso !

    Hope to catch up soon !

  4. The V-Strom is my next bike in December. I'm going for the full kit, DL1000 with all the extras including panniers and top box. They're very popular, check out www.advrider.com and www.stromtrooper.com.
  5. Good choice of bike!

    Although I am a little bias as I have a DL-650K6 with 23,000km I bought brand new in November 05.

    I currently have a Tourance on the back of mine. It is a great tire off the road but on road there is a “wobble†in the handle bars on deceleration at around 80-90k’s, that was not there before I put it on. It is not bad enough to change the tire but is more noticeable with a pillion on. One of my work mates had a 650 as well he also had the same “wobbleâ€, when he changed his rear tire the problem went away.

    The front I am running an Anakee and I plan to put one on the back when it wears out.
  7. For another V-strom website, check out www.vstrom.info its an overseas website, but still very useful.
  8. Well I am also one very happy WeeStom owner although mine is a 2005 model which had a whole 1500 kms when test ridden (a 500 kay ride on its own) and now has 5400kms all up.

    This is the first 'dirt' bike I have owned having ridden pure road bikes for 20 odd years but suffice it to say that the Strom is one very confidence inspiring bike in all facets. Yeah it is no KTM in the dirt but the Strom excels in may other areas and personally I find it more than capable on dirt and on tar (where it is surprisingly capable of upsetting most sports bikes).

    Me, I wonder what took me so long to go down this path and am already planning to get a GPS and hit those little known dirt tracks to destination unknown.

    As for tyres, mine are still teh standard Trailwings (I think they are) and while they are adequate in the dirt I will admit that if the surface is loose they wander a bit but hey, I just find that fun and enjoy it although will likely go to more dirt oriented rubber at first change.

    IMO, the WeeStrom is probably the best value for money all around bike on the market today. It can fang with the best, tour with the best and do dirt roads with ease (note roads, not trails).

    If you really want some good WeeStrom stories there is a site that specialises in Adventure bikes at (www.advrider.com) and they have heaps of advice etc, just depends on how serious you want to get with the bike.

    So basically, good choice and enjoy.