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Another GS500F Thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gurbachen, May 1, 2012.

  1. So after selling my Enfield a month ago and resolving to wait until restrictions were over to get another bike (still haven't got my full license and my L's expire on the 9th :p), I've started getting itchy again already. I figure I buy something super cheap, like 2-3k max, that I can just whore about on and not have to worry too much about it getting stolen. After reading a whole bunch of other peoples help threads it seems the bike that keeps getting brought up is the GS500F. I like the look of the faired version a bit better than the naked, and since my next proper bike might be a Daytona I may as well get used to havin' all that plastic all over the place :p. I haven't sat on one yet which I know is a must before buying, but I had a couple questions that I don't think have been covered elsewhere.

    1) What is the approximate 'safe' top speed on this bike? Safe here meaning safe for the engine, not for me. I'm 6' in boots, 125ish kgs, and while my Enfield never struggled with my weight, it's top speed was still only about $1.30 if you tucked into the wind. Am I going to get better results from the GS? I'm not looking for the worlds fastest race bike, but a higher top than the RE is a must.

    2) Do they have any built in storage? I know I can throw all kinds of luggage on there but it'd be cool to have some storage already available.

    If I can't find something for 2-3k I'll just wait until I'm off restrictions for the next bike, but I figure with winter knocking on our doors might be a good time to pick up a bargain. Don't really need it in perfect condition or super low kms, but not smashed to pieces is a bonus haha. I saw this one on ebay, not sure just how much what needs to be repaired will cost, probably wouldn't bother with anything cosmetic unless it's real bad, but what do you guys think? Worth considering or are the repairs it needs too substantial?

  2. I have a 2009 GS500F.
    with me at 5" 7" and 100kgs it is faster than your Enfield.
    "safe" speeds ..........now there is a whole thread in itself.
    make sure you sit on the bike as the GS has quite a low seat height of 790mm. Touching the ground won't be an issue for you.

    There is a small storage area under the seat. I have the toolkit in there and can fit a spare pair of gloves or some sh*ts and bits i jam into a bum bag. it an't much but pop the seat on one when you check em out.
  3. Hi Gurbachen I remember drooling over the pics you posted when you first got your Royal Enfield, and I got my license quite some time after. I got a GS500F as a RE was out of my budget. I remember you complaining that the Royal Enfield wasn't very exciting - I haven't found the GS500F to be super interesting either, but it has been reliable, fuel efficient, fun enough and has a pretty effective fairing - I've ridden it pretty much every day since I got it (apart from days when I know I would be drinking or had drunk the night before). I'd recommend one, but that old post if yours about it not being great fun (the 'perhaps motorcycling isn't for me') makes me wonder if you should go one of the established fun bikes, like a DR400E or even a CBR250RR. Dare I say it, whilst fun on the Kinglake road etc, day to day it's perhaps camry-ish - competant but bland.
  4. @Mick, so what actual speed does it reach?

    @Alasdair, the problem with the RE was that it wasn't too exciting AND cost $10k. I'm just looking for something cheap this time that I don't have to worry about trashing, and knowing full well i'll be getting rid of it eventually. The RE was supposed to be a keeper *shrug*

    :edit: emailed the guy selling the damaged bike, he reckons approximately $675ish for full repairs...could be worth it if it's true

    :edit2: damn, MotorcycleFairingsRus doesn't do a GS500F kit and has no intention to, so I'd be relying on luck to find a good set...
  5. I have a naked GS500 , she does go 120 kph in 4th(she's got 6) gear easily at about 7-8k rpm (it's not even a red line) and it's quite stable at that spead. I have never run her faster than 130 kph at 6th gear but I'm preaty sure she'll go faster.
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    She'll go way past 120 and comfortably .. No ask how I know :rolleyes:
    Besides, moved on from the gs now although it was a great bike for what it is. :thumbup:

  7. I have heard of these bikes pushing over 150
  8. Err, higher....8-[
  9. Yep... :angel:
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  11. Remember that speedo is 10% out so at 200kph you'd be on around 180kph.

    no arks how kno.....:eek:
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  12. joetdm, you funny mothertrucker lol

    Can't find any fairing kits that don't suck so i might have to give the damaged bike a miss, although the rest of the parts are easy to get
  13. Still reasonable speeds for something of that ilk.
  14. Yeah well I just want something cheap, something a bit faster than the Enfield, that I don't have to panic about throwing it down the street or it getting stolen or whatnot. Doubt the usual 250s would be able to haul my significant weight around haha
  15. Go for GS500 you won't regret. It's very reliable machine and has enough torque to have fun on short rides and comfortable enough for highway speeds. As for me I don't see alternatives for my GS500, there are faster bikes around but they are also more expensive and requires more attention in terms of maintenance.
  16. Well my GS500 (not faired) wouldn't get past 130, no matter what gear it was in.
  17. Streetmaster says he repairs fairings, but i'm buying a car next week so I won't have the funds for a bike anymore :( Shame, if you can get the fairing repaired on that ebay bike, it could make a good investment. It'd be about $400 or less for the repairs besides the fairing, maybe less, and on bikesales the cheapest GS500F in Victoria is $5000
  18. You will also find they sit on bike sales for a while at that price too