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Another grounding incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. I'm at the servo filling up the car & hear a very aburpt bang & scrape of metal. Spin around to see a cyclist lying on the road. unmoving, his pushbike a mangled mess. Rush over & do what one can - the guys conscious, but can't feel his legs. Keep him talking till paramedics arrive (whilst keeping a watchful eye on the P plate driver of the van till police arrive). Use the guys mobile to calmly (!) explain to his wife that her husbands been knocked off his bike & is on his way to hospital. Help ambos as much as they need, make sure the police are taking care of the guys bike, then leave them to interview the driver.

    Continue on my way - but this is what gets me. I'd just picked up my bike from being serviced. As I'd gotten a lift in a car to get to it, had thrown my gear in forgetting my back protector. I had every intention of going straight up & out to the Black Spur for a play. Yes, I would have been cautious without out - even over-so after visiting the 3-bike crash spot yesterday. And yes, I'm sure I would have been alright. I even thought about riding down to the photo-lab to get the film of the crash-site developed - but I decided aganist it, rode home, jumped off the bike & into the car (without even getting out of my gear).

    The bike had a full tank, the car did not. I had to stop for petrol. It had taken me longer than expected to get to that point (got stuck behind someone doing 40 in a 60 zone), there was a que to grab a takeaway coffee & I had a slow leak in a back tyre that needed filling.

    So it wasn't the fact that 'it could have been me' infront of some IDIOT van driver who was looking down at his gear stick rather than the road - but the reasoning that my help was needed - right at that particular moment in time :?:
  2. Was probably too busy looking at his speedo to make sure he wasn't speeding :roll:

    I was rear ended when driving to work back in May and had one of those been here before moments the other day when a driver lighting up a smoke nearly got me and I watched it all unfold in the rear view mirror while looking for an escape route to dive into in the car.
  3. Fate has spoken!!!!!!
  4. And I'll question it by going to play up the Spur on Friday - anyone game enough to join me?
  5. ooo ooo oooo I got friday off and trying to organise something with jimmythehuman so might see you there.

    i know what you mean about things happening in time to put you in a place where you should be, and not earlier in time when it could have been you.

    On the day the 3 riders went down i was behind them and I had a bit of trouble on some corners before the gravel covered one.
    Dont know what was going on with me but just kept going straight and into the bushes i went. Wondering "what the hell is going on with me" i slowed down a bit and had the same problem in the next few corners. My mind was affecting my ability to corner.
    I was having a blinding morning where id never riden so well and was so in touch with everything going on around me, the corners were easy, everything was flowing. i was on top form. then the shitty afternoon ride.
    So coming up to the corner to see 3 riders down sent "6-sence " stuff running through my head. If my mind had not wanted to" screw up" then I would most likely have been right behind Justin. Lil and Loz were behind me and nobody would have been on the corner warning us and we would all most likely have been down too.
    Your head works in mysterious ways, like putting psycalogical obstacles in your way to put you out of harms way or into a position were you can be more useful to somebody else in trouble.
    I think about that all the time now and it freaks me out. If the last 3 inc me had gone down then there was nobody else coming behind us.

  6. O and good work on helping out the guy. Lucky somebody with their head in the game was there to look out for him.

    Good work
  7. Slightly OT

    I haven't had a bike rear ending accident, or even had a close shave but....

    When I worked in the UK, was going back to the office (in my car) to pick up some parts for a job and was on the motorway, travelling 80mph+ in the middle lane. There was a low level mist as there was some rain, nothing too heavy but visibility was a little reduced. Move to the inside lane, ready to turn off for my junction when I notice a grey 'thing' infront of me and instantly stand on the brakes. Whilst the anti-lock merrily chimes in I notice out of the corner of my eye a stationary small truck in the middle lane, stuck behind a solitary car. Shocked and now nearly stopped myself I pull into the emergency lane and hear the tell tale sound of a car skidding, just in time to view in beautiful technicolour a car that I had just overtaken smash into the back of the truck and bounce off into the emergency lane. Given that the car had skidded (no loss of speed) and was doing around 80ish when I went past, you can imagine the mess.

    That was the only time I have ever been stuck to the spot. I couldn't move my legs to use the clutch to engage a gear to drive off. It was such a close call (I never saw the truck until I went past) and only a fluke I was in the left hand lane about to turn off.

    Every now and again, you have moments that remind you how tenuous a grip we have on life.

    Geez, sorry for the morbid post!
  8. Kizmet

  9. sorry so was he riding a bicycle? man his bound to get hert, he hasn't got any protective gear on, bloody motorbikes with gear is ten times more safer than riding bicycles on the road without anything but shorts and a helmet..

  10. Well done for getting involved, a lot of people would have walked away :applause:
  11. Well done for helping out B. Betty. I have been in a similar position with no help before and it can be quite tramatic. Shock and concussion are not pleasant to experiance with no first aid help.

    I have experienced some very mixed results the several times I have fallen off my bicycle. People who know me think I make a habit out of it!! :grin:

    Some people have kindly given me a lift to a relatives house after a large 'highside' and blow to the head. I didn't think it was possible to highside a bicycle, but it is...
    This help was very much appreciated because I was in quite a bad way and had 'erased' all phone numbers from my memory.

    I have had some people just sit in there cars and wait for me to peel myself up off the ground. Cheers lady, it's meerly a flesh wound...
  12. Sounds like the guy was lucky you were there. Well done.
  13. Blackbetty, love the handle!

    Great work being there at the right time, someone explained sychronicity to me once. And you have experienced it first hand.

    If we all thought about safety as much as 50' stoppies then we may just may make a roads a bit safer.

    Why is it always a P plater??
  14. I remember like it was yesterday I was towing my horse float heading home through the spur out of healesville heading to Narbethong and EXACTLY where John was last weekend takeing photos i had a strange premonition to stop and i pulled over off the bitumen ,Bluddy lucky i did because not even 30 seconds later an IDIOT motorbike rider that was FLAT KNACHER on the wrong side of the road passing cars coming around the twisties towards healesville ,IF i had not stopped because of the premonition he would have been in my drivers seat.i Hate to think what could have been , :shock:
  15. Any accident can be a scary situation. I have no formal human first aid training (done heaps with wildlife/pets) - but common sense seems to kick in when need be for me.
    I will always try to stop & help - because (selfishly) if something ever happens to me or those I care for - I hope someone else will do the same!
    Cheers, D.