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Another green mexican

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blergen, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Been wanting a motorbike for about 10 years, finally got around to getting license a few weeks ago (did my L's last year but haven't ridden much). Got all my gear, but still bike hunting. I've already used this forum to help me choose my gear, review bikes, and stay away from dodgy dealers. Love the 'near misses' threads. Thought I would see a lot of scary stuff on the go-pro vids but I was kinda happy to see that most of it seems avoidable if you ride defensively.

    Anyway, hopefully I can get something to ride around on in the next few weeks and start practicing.

  2. Welcome :) Assuming the Mexican reference has you from Melbourne, head on down to Saturday Practice at Elwood soon.
  3. Mexican = Melbourne ?

    I always thought it meant Victorian, :) now what do l call those country dwelling Victorians

    Anyhow, welcome to the forum, wherever you are from!
  4. Sorry, you're right...Victorian.
  5. welcome aboard
  6. Thanks guys, yes from Melbourne. I will definitely head down to Elwood. Once I get a bike...
  7. Welcome to Nutrider!
  8. Welcome !
  9. Welcome to NR Mate
    and FYI all mexicans are hot and don't need to be asked.
  10. Si Senor...

    Welcome to NR..amigo! :)
  11. Gracias.

    Anyway, after being dead-set on buying a Versys I test rode a CB500x and was sold on that straight away. Great engine, more manouvreable than the Versys and a little slimmer. Still tall enough to accommodate my lanky self. Got it from A1 in Ringwood, nice guys to deal with. All the salesman from Peter Stevens seems stuck in some bad 80s used car salesman dystopia and their only sales tactic is the hard sell. Even though their prices were good I couldn't bring myself to deal with them. I was happy with what I got from A1. Thanks also to Pugsly for some insights on how he purchased his CB500F.

    It's got a whole 50km on it now... Hopefully the weather stays nice and I can put a few more K's on this week. Booked in for a Stay Upright course next week, and I'll be down at Saturday practice when I get a Saturday off work.

    Anyway, enough prattle... here's the bike:

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  12. How is it going? I was dead set on the vstrom then sat in the cb500x and just thought- wow that's my next bike! Have you done many k's? Curious about comfort over distance.
  13. I've only done 500k on it so far. I looked at the V-strom and the Versys as well, in the end I felt they were a bit too big (particularly the suzi) for a first bike. The 500x was a perfect compromise. It handles great, it's pretty good on the freeway although a touch (and I mean a touch) unstable at 100kph+, probably due to its lightness. Could also be due to my noobness and death-gripping the handlebars. The engine is really nice, torque everywhere you want it. No point revving the crap out of it as there's not much up top after 7-8k or so.

    I'm tall (6'3"), so the foot pegs are a tad squishy, but I've ordered some adjustable ones to lower that a bit. Windscreen is probably a tiny bit short for me too - on the freeway the air pretty much gets me a the bottom of the helmet. Also got a taller windscreen on the way. I know it'll look naff, but I do a lot of freeway riding.

    Anything else you'd like to know?
  14. That's interesting about the 100 + k's. it's one of the main reasons I am getting something besides the drz. That and the comfort over long distances. I will be sure to make sure I test ride out on the highway over 100kms.
    I did find the cb500x felt lighter even though there is not a real lot of difference in weight. Do you know how many times you have filled up?
    Also do you still find the seat comfortable after 50+ kms?
    I am only 5'8 and found the pegs spot on for me as well as the seat position and bars.
    Also how does it handle on the ground? Easy to manoeuvre ?
    This will be my second bike.
  15. I've put 1.5 tanks worth of fuel in, still have 3/4 left. It does around 4.5l/100km. It's really fine at highway speeds, just gets blown about by the wind a bit more. Maybe because of the higher centre of gravity?

    The seat is reasonably ok, not fantastic, but I don't know how many stock seats are really fantastic. I don't find it super luxurious, nor do I find it particularly uncomfortable. The bike is very easy to manoeuvre. I had great fun carving up the cones at Saturday practice last week. This is my first bike mind you, so I've got nothing much to compare it to, but it feels a lot more nimble than the couple of Versys I test-rode.

    I know A1 in Ringwood have a CB500F you can test-ride, and if you ask them nicely Peter Stevens might let you test-ride their X (they let me, but I ended up buying my bike at A1 for two reasons - they were generally nicer to deal with, and PS didn't have it in black). I was probably a little harsh on PS though - I should say that Brendan at PS Dandenong was really good, and I probably would have bought a bike from him if they had been able to get a black one.