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Another good use of the full face helmet...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dp., Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Yesterday was returning back home from work doing about 90km/h on the new ring road. Suddenly run into a huge flight of big brown flies, don't know exactly how long it was...probably 200m or so...
    It was like a hail knocking all over visor and top of the helmet. Visor was cracked open initially, I quickly closed it in time before any of the flies could get inside. At this speed they seem to be bit heavy like bloody flying rocks. Visor almost immediately became covered with their remnants so it was difficult to see...I have had such a disgusting feeling seeing it all just in front of my eyes...could not wait to get home and take the helmet off me. Did not even consider to open the visor again to not to run into another pack with open visor. Came home looked at the bike...headlight, windscreen, mirrors all covered with dead flies. Washed the helmet straight away to get rid of all this stuff. Jacket was not too bad, they are mostly on the shoulders, probably needs to be washed anyway. None of them on the jeans as well as on the radiator but some got stuck to the boots.

    Just wondering how big guys on big Harleys with big beards and open face helmets could handle things like that without getting a mouthfull of big flies...
  2. They swallow :grin:
  3. Their beards are used to trap the flies for a later post-ride snack?!
  4. Beard = Air Filter.
  5. Exactly! They're not a sissie-arse like you - they just eat the flies and whatever else comes their way!

  6. Grasshoppers are a bit tough though :shock:
  7. I don't think it's appropriate to bring their sex life into it.
  8. Thats on the odd occasion that a brave fly bothers them and doesnt immediately get out of their road as most sensible flies do!
  9. Wondering what they do with the ones that are not flying straight into their mouth....?
    ....Guessing....probably catching them with the tongue like frogs before they can get into their eyes or nose....
  10. (Shakes head) Son! What do you think their beards are for??
  11. Brilliant! :LOL:
  12. this reminds me of that scene in Me, Myself & Irene. Anyone know what I'm talking about? :)
  13. Yes!...I did not think about that....with beard all over the face they should look tougher...
  14. :LOL: That reminds me of the harley rider I saw ages ago. His beard was covering his entire face....we nicknamed him Cousin Itt... :LOL:
  15. bugs are actually quite good for you.. maybe that's their way of balancing out the bad stuff in their diet.
  16. haha yea it was on tv the other night! I relate.. I always have my visor open because i just cant breath :/ like the ventalation is good, but still! I always catch them in the corner of my eyes!

    :D - jim carrey!
  17. Here's another use:

  18. be glad they were'nt bees or a swarm of wasps.. :shock:
  19. 200 killer wasps :bolt:
  20. :rofl: