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Another good one gone...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. This one will probably only be appreciated by the oldies amongst us. The great English Motoring writer LJK Setright died on September 7th aged 74.

    I haven't seen anything about this in the local media but here is a copy of his obituary from the English "Telegraph".

    He was a fanatical motorcyclist and had a considerable reputation for his writing and his personal eccentricities.

  2. Hey Tony.

    Sad indeed. YOu have to understand, a vast majority of people in the motorcycling industry are young and tend to focus on moto journalists that are a little younger and a little smuttier.

    It is like netrider, vast numbers of younger and eager riders that spend quite a bit of time on the site.... I think you will understand the analogy I( am referring to :)
  3. So Tony, is there anywhere we can read some of LJK Setright's writing?
  4. I read an article on Leonard Setright in an old Road and Track mag, and the one thing that struck me was his resemblance to the head wizard guy in "Lord of the rings" . but the thing I liked about him was he didn't pull his punches. If the car was crud.. he told you that..... I think they used to call it .. Integrity
  5. He wrote for all of the major mags, plus he published innumerable books. He was profoundly erudite, and one of the classic English wordsmiths, who enjoyed HOW he wrote as much as what he wrote. That same enjoyment always conveyed itself to the readers. He WILL be sadly missed; Jenks is gone, Cyril Pothsumus is gone, and now LJK. The motoring world is poorer for his passing.

    {Apologies for posting the same tribute as a link, Tony}
  6. what a shame, and only 74 too. have enjoyed his writings since i first got interested in motor sports in the late 1950's. irreplaceable.
  7. Wonderful piece of writing that, so typical of the classy style that he epitomised.
  8. I grew up being excited and inspired by 'LJK', a great loss. I miss his style of journalism, where solid fact could be combined with articulate wit, without descending into self promoting 'pop' twaddle.