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Another good deal question...:)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mav, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. hi All,

    Firstly I love this site and the amount of friendly, informative and responses provided.

    Secondly, have my L's (sa-weet!) and have a budget of about $4000 for first bike. Have found a '98 Virago for sale through a Team Moto dealer with 44k klms on the clock for $2990. Must say that ive gaffer taped my hand to the chair so that I can't call them and say "I'm on my way!"

    Anyone think this is not worth it or i should wait and get a bigger budget?


  2. As a first bike you cant really go past them, many riders have used them as a springboard into the biking world,trusty lil steeds they are. For the money and the age it sounds like a bargain. They are cheap and easy to maintain and parts are plentiful. Ride it for a year and still sell it for around 2500.
  3. Hi Rabbito, thanks for your input!

    Yeah i was figuring on either
    (i) replacing it once the time comes to upgrade


    (ii) keep it as my commuter and save for the next bike (suzuki gsx650f? or a pre - 2009 suzuki vz800 m50? - hate that new cowl). since my girlfriend (who had her heart set on a suzuki intruder vl250, she kept on referring to it as a "suzuki stripe" god bless her because we seat-tested a brand new 2010 model with a white racing stripe painted down the middle of the bike from front to rear fender) will also now be purchasing a brand new virago so we can go touring on the weekends i.e. mudgee, wollongong, central coast etc which are like 3 - 4 hour each way runs


    (iii) keep it as a tourer and get a suzuki gfv650 gladius for a more fun commute to work lol

    unless there is a comfortable bike out there that can lane split effectively for the commute to work and also handle touring on the weekends?


    decisions decisions...

    Forgot to mention (not that it really really matters) I'm recently on the the plus side of 90kg and 6", was 75kg up until 3 years ago, ironically the time i met my girlfriend...lol
  4. Welcome on board mav. I was in the same position as yourself less than a year ago and really wanted a vn250 eliminator or xvs650 but ended up going for the cb400 due to daily commuting and frequent lesisurely r2des.

    Check out below thread.

  5. Hi ResmeN,

    Your thread was one of the first that i read during my search!

    Without resurrecting it yet again...due to the low budget i've got i've settled for the 250 virago. There just arent any xvs650 / gs500 / cb400's that fit into my $4000 budget for bike + gear. (bikesales / tradingpost / dealer web and magazine searches)

    i ruled out the el250 due to the fact that its no longer in production
    i wanted to stay away from hyosung and the like for my first bike.
    i ruled out the vl250 intruder solely on the fact that the speedo is on the tank (otherwise i'd finance a brand new one!!)

    however your mention on the cb400 reminded me of another bike i'm considering as a second bike...VFR800 :)
  6. Congrats and the virago is a fine bike. I fell in love with riding after taking a mates virago for a scoot. As an alternative you may be able to find an el250 eliminator in that range too and it is slightly a bit more bike than the virago.

    Colleague from work just picked up a brand spanker vfr800 and always parks it next to mine. Definitely a nice all round bike.
  7. Which TeamMoto? I can't see where u are from on iPhone
  8. Team Moto Blacktown, Sydney, NSW

    Going down this Saturday to check it out...still waiting on an email response from them as to what they can throw in.

    I'll be darned if they don't have an XXL helmet in stock that will fit my head...if not i'll just ride over to Motorcycle Accessories warehouse in Auburn

    Would it be easy enough to attach a GPS to a 250 virago? (i nicknamed ours "ivan" as in ivan milat because it always takes us on the bush back roads to any destination)
  9. If you check out the "Aldi GPS" thread and "Pics of your GPS setup" thread, and I'm sure theres others too, you'll see that you can put a gps on just about any bike you want with a little effort.

    I did it to my old crappy bike by using a power drill on the dash and a couple of bolts and I've done it to my new VFR800 (new to me, and awesome bike btw) without cutting any wires, soldering anything or even getting in the way.
    Both times were standard car GPS's too not even bike ones which just clip onto the handlebars.
  10. Thanks DragonCypher, those threads were very helpful

    glad that on the virago i wont have to contend with too many dials for space issues! think a screen + gps and i'm good to go (maybe some floorboards too :-k )

    Edit: is that your VFR in the pic?
  11. Yessum, that pic was taken by my sister's iPhone at the TeamMoto carpark the day I picked it up.

    It has since had the exhaust swapped for a black Ixil shorty, new tinted double bubble windscreen, single seater cowling added and the GPS mounted on the triple tree.
    I've been meaning to take a few photos of the GPS setup but I just haven't gotten around to it.
    Need to get into a habit of documenting things more.
  12. 1 bike i noticed that was missing from your list is the trusty vtr250. if you are looking to have a big sports tourer this is also an excellent 1st bike and can be had in your budget
  13. Get in touch with matty there and tell him Goz said u will look after me :)
  14. dragon - your vfr would look super hot now with those changes that you listed. sooo jealous. btw, did you pick it up 2nd hand or did you buy it new? i went to the honda australia website and the new models only come in a crappy dull red or silver...i want a hot orange one with black wheels and shiny black exhaust pipe!!

    holster - my brother has the vtr250 but i don't like the sitting position and how it makes me lean on my wrists, hence why i scratched it from the list. i might however reconsider my needs and ergonomics after i've ridden the virago for a while, and if i do, i'll probably go a vfr800 :biker:

    goz - will do mate, thanks for the mention!! coincidentally i just responded to an email from him (regarding an email i sent to their sales team yesterday) to have a chat about the bike.

    damn im getting an adrenalin rush and i havent even sat on it yet, wonder if there is a scenario i can get a two day headstart (off from work) on my weekend? lol
  15. Another bike looking into is the bandit range, looks similar to the VTR's I've never had any wrist troubles with my 2000 250v bandit and its also a very reliable bike seeing as the engine is actually a 400cc version but bored to suit 250 pistons so the bike isnt strained mechanically to say the least. My bikes just ticked over 42k and i seriously hadnt had a single problem with it, but i service it every 6months with overkill motul 5100 synthetic oil not based on K's so that may have helped. lol
  16. hi Dimi,

    is the bandit the gsx250 or the gsf250? do suzuki still make them in 250 guise, or have they stopped production like kwaka did with the el250 eliminator?


    guess i answered my own question there, finding the gsf250 as the Bandit and the gsx as the Across. Only found 2 - 3 of them for sale in NSW (Bikesales and tradingpost) and they are quite old or listed as grey imports, sooo...no thanks!

    I'm glad to hear that you have a bike that suits you and hasnt let you down, but personally, i think the virago would be a better choice for me! Thanks though.
  17. ill be there Saturday morning about 9am if u need any help
  18. cheers goz, you're being heaps supportive, your profile pic makes you look like an extra from Avatar...you shouldn't be too hard to spot! :eek:

    just don't give me that look over the top of your sunglasses if i stall it on my way out the garage 8-[

    do you know smokey from there? I've already name dropped him to matty so i guess it won't hurt to name drop you as well lol :-w

    btw you never gave an opinion about wether it was a good deal or not :deal: !!
  19. Havnt seen the bike yet, ill have a look on Saturday

    Dont know smokey, does he work there?

    U got Matty and Panda in sales, Brad sales manager and steve is the manager, all good blokes, thats my 2nd home :)

  20. Mine is a 2000 model, so second hand obviously. New ones I think (from another thread) are around $13k.
    2002 onward were redesigned cosmetically, chain driven cams rather than gears and have Honda's VTEC ignition control.

    Also with regards to leaning on the wrists, the vfr is big on that. Its huge in size and comfortable which makes it good for long trips, however is also fairly short wheelbase, tall and somewhat 'sporty' seating position.
    Unless you're going in a long straight line you shouldn't be putting any weight on the handlebars anyway. If you don't feel comfortable supporting yourself with your core muscles then something more 'touring' than 'sporty' would be better suited.

    Can't say personally what the virago is like, but a vtr250 is an excellent starter and a great example of an upright sports tourer.