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Another good day turns sour

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. No I didn't drop the bike :p

    No spent most of the morning out with Nadeen teaching her the art of "left foot down" and how too do a a hill start on a bike :)
    And I might add now she has the hill starts licked her general road confidance has increased 10 fold ! :)

    Anyhoo, having got that out of the way we cruised on down to see No1 Prego daughter and caity (grandaughter) , and while caity was amusing herself sitting on the bikes Alisha complained of heavy cramps and soon after some 'spotting" so we said as a precaution we'll watch Caity while you head of to the Doc's to get checked out.....

    Short story, I just got back from frankston hosp after seeing one doped out and distraught daughter and father to be......... She miscaried at 4.45 this arvo :cry:
    Now where did i put that bottle of scotch ?

  2. That's just horrible, Bob, please pass on all our good wishes........
  3. Arrrrr shit mate, what can you say?

    Best wishes, they must be devastated.
  4. I know how hard a miscarrage can hit, my condolences to you and your family :(
  5. My condolences to you and yours Bob :(
  6. Dreadful news, Bob. Best wishes to you and your daughter. :cry:
  7. im really sorry to hear that :(
    at least you were there to hold her hand, I hope she is ok.
  8. My best wishes to all of you guys!! Sending lots of *feel better hugs*
  9. Not good mate sorry to hear that :cry:

    Cheers :cool:
  10. Been there done that :(

    Sorry to hear it.

    Jill tells me it has to be the most painfull things on the planet that she has had to endure :(

    Pass on our regards
  11. Prayers for you and yours Bob.
  12. Best wishes to your daughter Bob.
  13. That sucks Bob. :( My condolences you, your daughter and family.
  14. very sad to hear bob, best wishes to all concerned for the weeks to come as they can be the hardest.
  15. Awhh shite. Nobody should have to endure something like that. :(
    Thoughts and feelings to your family bob, and to yourselves.
  16. damn :(

    really sorry to hear mate.
    theres nothing many of us can do or say at the moment to help :\

    if you or your family need anything though, we're all here to help.
  17. :(

    Sorry to hear it.

    I hope you all manage to find something to smile about soon.

    *sends warm fuzzies*
  18. Bob I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Not much we can at a time like this. :cry:

    Take care and give daughter big big hugs mate she's going to need it, so are you, I think I would.
  19. I wish I had words to express my sorrow. Much love and warmth to you and your family for your loss, at least you have each other to carry you through.
  20. So sorry to hear about this Bob. :(