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Another Geelong learner on the road

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Add13, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    Well after years of "Will I, Wont I" i decided it was time to bite the bullet and get my learners. Had never riden before except for mountain bike i thought it would be fun.
    So got my learners, got a bike, and with still just under 100k under my wheels (only had time for short trips to and from work) guess what
    will be getting out for some longer rides in the near future

  2. Welcome aboard

    There's been a bit of an increase in riders numbers down here of late, good to see.
  3. Hi and welcome to NR. You can do all sorts of things on a bike but having fun is mandatory.
  4. yet another Geelong rider, keep like this and next summer me might have to do a ride down for a bbq along the foreshore there :)
  5. Would be happy to organise one along the foreshore. There are also other suitable parks in Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & Torquay, but it might come at a cost..............a Sunday learners session in the car park, bbq, then learner ride maybe down the Peninsula (some nice roads along the coast rather than the main road) or even down GOR.
  6. Good to see another rider down here. I've just got off my L's and always looking to go for a ride.
  7. Geelong hey.......welcome aboard :) and keep this in mind, your not that far away from me so if you need tyres <<< lol
  8. getting out and about with other local riders sounds good, provided i'm not working. Roster changes almost every week.
  9. Congratulations Luke

    I was wondering how you went on Sunday.=D&gt;
  10. Well took your time, but finally made it out with us.:D
  11. was gonna say bout a month or so , ok , maybe 2 months back, there was a sunday ride down to the gor, was nice actually, went thru to otways and back thru winchilsea. long day, and long freeway there n back.
  12. There's plenty of rides around otways or gor they just aren't posted in netrider forum. I think all the ones I have gone are have been arranged via pm. You city slickers don't seem to think its worthwhile coming down the highway. That's okay we'll just play amongst ourselves:D
  13. yes i know i took my time, up till yesterday i had done maybe 2000k in the last 12 months, with a average 150 -200k ride at a time.
    Had to many work commitments and weird hours/days off. but thats all changed now. Hospitality sucks

    looking forward to more rides with others and clocking up a few more k's
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