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Another Fuel question .......

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rbarge, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. I know there have been lots of question about fuel and sports bikes. But is it worth putting the good stuff in a stock 250?
    After all the 250 could do with an extra it can get :)

    And are those E90 fuels safe for bikes ?

  2. what can it hurt ? the higher octane fuels burn better , cleaner and even though they cost more in a 250 its not gonna break your bank
  3. I put BP 98 Octane in my CB250. Why? Cause a) it's better fuel and b) it costs me between $13 and $16 whenever I fill up, depending on how empty I let it go. hardly going to send my broke.

    Yeah stick it in, cause whenever I put some other fuels (i.e caltex regular unleaded or shell regular unleaded) it just runs a little..rugged.
  4. Thanks, will give it a shot.

    Might even try it in the mower as well :p
  5. By E90 I'm assuming you mean the fuel containing 10% ethanol, keep it as far away from your bike as possible. Seriously there are a number of groups and individuals claiming it's safe but the fact is most of the manufacturers are advising to stay well clear (for good reason), it's not worth the risk.

  6. yeah i agree .... i remember when i was working at holden , there was the debate going on about introducing ethanol into fuel , holden was reportedly considering vioding warranty to a point because of this ... somehow i think the fuel companies made it a more "profitable idea" for holden to shut up about it .... theres gotta be a good reason why airplane fuels dont and never will contain ethanol
  7. Re: Ethnol

    No but there is the definate possibility that it will corrode your carbies from the inside, not too mention the affect on fuel lines and fittings.
  8. I was going to stay away from the E10 stuff, at least for a while.

    That could be bacause it effects the freezing, boiling temperate (at a guess)
  9. Re: Ethnol

    and the resulting engine pre ignition which just snowballs into more problems in the long run ..... ethanol however is excellent for use in place of alcohol when brewing your own spirits , has the same end taste and same end result with very little hangover
  10. Re: Ethnol

    Ethanol does actually increase the octane rating of fuel, (something it's supporters always use as a postive) so that shouldn't be a problem. Unless of course that fuel sits for sufficient time for the ethanol to evaporate out - in which case you're only left with the low-octane fuel they blended it with.
  11. There are several good reasons why. You will find them all detailed in the document below,