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Another fuel post <roll>

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Has anyone ACTUALLY had any bad things happen to their bike by using Optimax?
    IMHO, i THINK all the stories about Optimax are from 3-4 years ago, when it was first released to the public.
    Is Shell's 98 octane going to be ANY different to Mobil's 98?!
    I have searched, but there is SSSOOOO much conflicting evidence, it just makes me more confused. :x
    Thanks for putting up with another post about fuel..... :roll:
    Daz. :wink:

  2. Sound advice I've taken on board from my mechanic

    "Try it yourself and see..." :)
  3. All I know is BP premium tends to be the best (tested independantly thru a rallying group and car magazine in aus).

    I dont trust independants premimums, had 2 servos in Adelaide that @#%^ed up a mates car and had 2 other mates cars running real dodgy from dodgy fuel.
  4. daz, I run mine on normal unleaded; it costs less and it's ok no matter where I buy it. What's the pre-occupation with Optimax, what's it SUPPOSED to do anyway?
  5. YUP! my old bandit choked half to death on the stuff when i ran a tank of it and my neighbor ended up having to change his plugs on his 954 when he used it.

    if it works ok for you, then by all means use it. but i'll personally stay the frark away from the crap :D
  6. Hmmm......
    I'd rather know of some others that use Optimax on their bikes before i "try it myself and see".
  7. It's great stuff for cars. Contains all sorts of sh1t to clean your car and you do get better milage from it. I was told to steer clear of it for the bike. No reason was given other than it will stuff your bike. I'd rather take someone word on it that to test out the theory. But it is fantastic in the car, I get an extra 100k's on a tank. Plus there's got to be a reason why they use it for the V8 supercars
  8. Always makes me laugh when people say Optimax is crap,i've used it since it was released and have never had a single problem with it,no fouled plugs nothin'. :wink:
  9. Have you used it on a carburetted bike or just your fuel injected gixxer?

  10. If its used in V8's then thats all the more reason for me not to use it. :LOL: :p
  11. Use it exclusively in the cars and the bike.
    No problems whatsoever.
    I even used it in the CD250U when I owned it.
    No problems ever.
  12. Had the same problem with my Suzuki, could just be a problem with smaller engines.
  13. funnily enuff, it does work fine in some vehicles, i doubt they'd be able to sell much of it if it didn't :LOL:

    but yeah, the bandit got multiple flat spots and was a biatch to start in the morning when i ran a tank of it. switched back to mobil8000 on the next fill and she came good again after 1/4 of a tank or so. the bandit was very tempermental and only ran really well on mobil8000 and BP ultimate but yeah, optimax was the worst of all the fuels that it didn't agree with and i just stay away from it now....
  14. I've got a few shit batches in the car before, bloody made it run like a dog - I can't actually say it's the fuel that is bad, or the tanks that it is stored in:

    From the riding bible:

    "Most of the time the extraneous water and silt and 'stuff' in those tanks is safely settled to the bottom of those underground tanks. When you pump gasoline from them you are not getting virtually any of it into the tank on your motorcycle (or car.) And, despite the fact that your motorcycle has fuel filters and screens built into them, this is good because you would rather not have your engine stall because of a clogged fuel line, or get poor performance because of trying to burn water.
    But when those tankers add their loads to those underground tanks they do a marvellous job of stirring and mixing up those tanks. It could take an hour or so for the adulterants to settle back to the bottom.

    If you see a tanker in the lot, or one is just pulling out, go to another station for your gasoline."
  15. i really don't know much about engines but i was told that premium fuels burn differently from normal unleaded. ie they burn either quicker or slower due to the octane levels.

    now premium fuels benefit performance engines because the rate at which they burn matches that engine.

    place premium in a non-performance engine and it cannot utilise the fuel properly due to the rate at which the fuel burns.

    i dont think that makes any sense at all what i just said.....but that's how i understand it anyway.
  16. Guys my family owned a servo for 10+ years. Fuel is Fuel is Fuel. I've seen BP truck dropping to Shell, Independants etc. Most of our fuel comes from the same places anyway. Optimax, BP version whatever will not hurt vehicles if the Octane rating is Ok for it. Like a previous post said it's only the contaminates that make the difference. We water checked our tanks weekly and never had a positive test. I do know some servos with cracked tanks etc etc who did have water/crap probs. Keep your fuel tank as full as you can (within reason) and you will eliminate many common probs with respect to fuel. M/c tanks are bad for condensation particularly if you keep your bike in a warmish garage then ride out into the cold. Condensation forms inside your tank causing rust and yep you guessed it: water in your fuel.

    I run 96-98 RON fuel when I think about it :oops: add a 1/2 cup of metho every now and then.

    Take care and don't be too brand loyal. The fuel companies count on it.

  17. I think you'll find its all to do with your mixture settings. Fuel needs oxygen to burn higher octane fuel would need slightly more air or slightly less fuel in the mixture. Modern cars (maybe bikes too) have air/fuel sensors to fix this for you most of the time. My RX-7 used to take about 5 minutes after putting a different kind of fuel in the tank to work out everything and get the mixtures normal.
  18. It's interesting, though - I've just gone through a couple of tanks of Mobil unleaded (not the premium stuff), and the bike's running noticeably better than it did using Shell (again, regular unleaded not Optimax).

    Go figure. :-k
  19. Every part of that makes sense, but i do remember seeing actual results of how BP fuel burned better than the rest in independant lab tests. Now its most likely true that the fuel comes from the same origin, so i can only conclude that because BP being a bigger corporation has better standards in place and equipment to use, to keep their tanks with far fewer contaminates than the shonky 2 independants that screwed up my mates 180's and silvia.

  20. So......
    Have you used Optimax in your carburetted GS500 with no ill effects?