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Another freshman join the club ;)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yowy73, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi to all! (users and admins)

    just passed LP this morning at Keys Rd, Cheltenham.
    12 hours course and got licence? unbelievable.
    I have never ridden motobike before, and now ...
    well, so excited to buy my own, brand new bike but ... don't know what to purchase ...

    I'm tall 190cm/87kg (6'2") so everyone suggests me to get something bigger than Honda.cbr250, like Honda.CB400, Suzuki.GS500. They are really nice, when I sit, feel far more better than on training equipment, but the budget is so limited ... :/ no chance for finance till I get a new job (just back from overseas).

    I have just started reading the old posts about less known brands (at least for me) like CF MOTO, DAELIM, HYOSUNG (saw once in the street) etc.
    They look good but what about quality-price ration?

    Above questions are just rhetoric (I will do my homework properly i.e. read most of the posts), but if you have time, fill free to make any comments ;)


  2. Hi and welcome to NR.

    The lesser known brands generally have a bad reputation for quality.

    Hyos are more mainstream and not in the same class as the others but still do not have the same solid reputation as the better known brands.

    If expense is a problem why not look around for an older bike. There is stuff out there.
  3. Welcome and enjoy the show...

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  4. Welcome Yowy, As GreyBM says lots of second hand bargains out there. Remember to budget for gear if you don't already have them, helmet, gloves, jacket etc. Do you know what your budget will be yet?
  5. Hi mates,
    thank you for your replies.

    to GreyBM
    if I don't know (almost) anything about bike, I'm afraid to buy second hand bikes. What if I buy 'lemon'? Looked already at BikeSales for anything under 5K and younger than 2005.
    Maybe I should begin from 125cc and learn how to use mirrors, ride in the streets, and then think about something bigger?

    to cjvfr
    I was thinking about 4K and $1000 for gear (hope it is enough for good stuff, but not top brand)

    And what about insurance?
    Why is there so big difference between comprehensive and third party options?
    I understand 3 times, but more than 10? 8-[

    Have a lovely week
  6. Welcome to NR, have you looked at cruisers?
    I personally ride a honda hornet [naked bike] at 6' tall I find it comfy! dunnno if the 250 sits lower then my 900 tho
  7. welcome to Netrider, Yowy. You would definitely be able to pick up a decent second hand bike in that price range. Privately, bikes with low KM's and a sturdy service history would be the way to go.

    The little chinese bikes are pretty gutless once the fear of riding wears off. CB400, GS500 and the bigger newer Hyosungs would be the ones to look at since you'll want something to keep you going till it's upgrade time. :D
  8. A big bloke on a 125 is going to not go that well if you start going on group rides and frankly it will look like you are on a toy bike.

    GS500 or CB 400 would serve well although the Hondas hold their value and you may not find one that much cheaper than new price.

    There are a few threads about on what to look for in a second hand bike. Depends how old it is but while there is always the possibility of a lemon, you do need to do quite a few kms before you are likely to worry about mechanical issues. Main issue then is whether or not it has been crashed. But again this is only an issue if frame or major costly parts are bent. The other issue is that there may be bikes on netrider which have a known history. Check the bikes for sale thread.
  9. to Goddie
    cruisers? :/ don't like the look, maybe later, if I try to ride them, I would change my mind :)
    As a newbie I'm less assertive and I "buy" anything I am told :-s

    to Sheepy
    Thank you. Point taken. This Saturday I am going to try any 125cc bikes (Honda, Yamaha). 8-[