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Another FNG

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Short Fat Bearded Bastard, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Greetings from Cairns.
    After spending a few days reading through this great forum I thought I'd better join up and say gidday.
    Now don't pick on me too much, but I'm in the process of selling off a couple of Harleys and getting a cheapish crotch rocket (sorry old habits die hard :-w )
    I don't know if it's a mid life crisis or something, but I've been wanting to get back on to a sports bike/ tourer for a couple of years now. The fact that we have just bought a block of land in NSW and have the need to sell of some expensive toys to help finance it all has made the "want" a neccesity.
    The last couple of months I've been talking to other (Jap) riders about models etc and have been blown away by their friendiness and willingness to talk - a refreshing change from the instant "badarse , bad attitude, I ride a Harley" type of bullshit that seems to be so common now with Harley riders.
    Anyway that's enough dribble from me. Look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully getting some good advice on my future purchases!
    Regards Simon

  2. Hi Simon, welcome.
  3. Welcome, Simon. Are you finding shopping for a sports bike a less expensive proposition than shopping for a Harley.
  4. Your not kidding!!!

    I just picked up a '93 ZXR 750 for $2000 this arvo :grin: 2 new front blinker mounts ($26) RWC $40 and rego $269 and I'm ready to clock up some miles. It's going to take a lot of getting used to the new riding position though (and the power :wink: )
    As usual, as soon as I buy a new bike it starts raining :? . I'm really looking forward to doing some riding this weekend!
    PS pics comming soon!
    Thanks for the welcomes
    Regards Simon
  5. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  6. I imagine we are kinda similar.
    Only I haven't got a beard.
  7. Need to make sure you grip the tank with your legs and use your back to hold you up. Don't get into resting on your arms. Some mild weight training, focusing on your lower back (sit-ups work well), is always good. The more miles you put in, the easier it all becomes.

    One of the main reasons I stuck with the ZZR is for their riding position. The 1100 is a little more forward than the 250, but only because it's such a big bike in comparison.

    The difference in the power delivery over HD's is incredible, hey? :wink:

    Congrats on the purchase! Got any pic's of the new ride?
  8. Thanks cookeetree for the tips.
    I took it out for about an hour today for a blat. Found it fairly uncomfortable (I actually had to pull over after half an hour to have a smoke)
    I'm obviously putting too much weight on my wrists, and was probably a bit more tense than I normally am when riding.
    I tried your suggestion and it seemed to feel better, especially moving my arse right up forward towards the tank. ( an unkind harley rider would describe it similar to a monkey rooting a coconut :grin: )
    Besides that it was a great buzz, even if I was only riding it at about 10% of it's potential :grin: .
    It was great being able to take corners at a decent speed, and found it amazing how quick the riding technique comes back to you.
    I'm sure I looked really cool in my flat black open faced helmet and sunnys though.... I must of because a few other jap bike riders going the other way almost fell off their bikes trying to get a better look :p - looks like I'll have to buy one of them there full faced thingies!
    I'll keep at it and keep you posted.
    Regards Simon
  9. G'day Simon. I work with a few Harley riders and I was surprised by how accepting they were of my little bike. I honestly thought they'd pull the piss non stop. So I guess not all of 'em are wankers :)

    Anyway, welcome to another QLD'er. The more the merrier :grin:
  10. Welcome aboard.

    Got a few mates in Cairns one of them is coming down to brissy soon to pick up a bike. There's plenty of great roads to enjoy there so I'd be wanting a sportsbike there.