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Another first - thanks MotoGP!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aquasj79, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Jumped out of bed (ok crawled), got the Darling Daughter off to the school bus. "Bye sweetie! Have a great day!"

    A lady friend who was sitting for her Open License test today was really nervous and looking for moral support. The testing centre is about 1.5 hours ride away. Gave her a ring to see if she still needed a riding partner today and she did, so dragged out the cold weather gear, warmed up the bike, turned on the heated hand grips and headed off. We had an excellent ride to Wangaratta, bit chilly but great. My friend was put through her paces for her License - "Breathe just breathe, drop your shoulders and relax, you have got this nailed!" And she did, passed with flying colours!

    We decided to celebrate with lunch at Glenrowan Macca's southbound and while we were sitting there admiring the bikes, eating Al Fresco, we were watching 2 police cars pull up vehicles all over the place. Sufficiently fed and watered, we get back on the freeway. My friend ducks off into Benalla to do some shopping on her newly minted licence and I kept heading south for home to meet the DD at the end of school.

    Just past Benalla I notice a highway patrol car sitting between the Northbound and Southbound lanes doing whatever he was doing, didn't give him another thought...

    "Oh Sh@#$#@$t!!" Red and blue flashing in the mirrors!!

    Slowly, safely brake! Pull over! Don't forget to indicate... Don't drop the bike now!

    "Afternoon Officer, what did I do wrong?"

    The officer asked me to present license, hang around while they checked the rego and RBT.

    Apparently I hadn't done anything wrong; wasn't speeding; he said that due to all the anticipated bikes on the road for the MotoGP they were pulling over all bikes and checking them. Ended up having a great chat with him, they apparently weren't very busy.

    First time I have been pulled over on the freeway EVER!! First time I have been pulled up on the bike!

    Thanks MotoGP - probably wouldn't have looked at me otherwise!!:whistle:
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  2. Just bloody awesome is dear old f'in plod, harass interstate visitors to moto gp with BS fines for trivialities.......how to make race fans from interstate welcome, not
  3. A sad way to present our state to all the interstate riders who come for the GP.
    An all too regular event apparently.
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  5. I understand your annoyance but this has been happening on major roads before big races for decades.....
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  6. hornethornet This is my first year riding before the GP, so wasn't even thinking of it. Thanks for the heads up. chilliman64chilliman64 Thanks for the link, certainly an interesting read. I usually find police officers are great people and the officer today was no exception, we had a great chat about the day and the weather etc he was polite and professional. It certainly was scary though, wasn't anticipating it at all. The first thing through my mind was all of those videos where the rider gets distracted by the police man/car and has an accident of some kind...
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