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Another first commute thread

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Andu, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Had my first commute to work today and i'm buggered. Does it get less tiring? lol I can't seem to get started on any work as i'm worn out from the ride. My ride is from Ultimo to Strathfield, I usually catch the train from Central to Strathfield

    I get to ride
    learning to slow ride

    too much traffic = too much slow riding
    no quicker than the train (due to the car-park on Parramatta rd)

    I know I could lane filter to speed things up but i'm not confident enough and honestly didn't see any safe gaps too many trucks. So i've read alot of I love commuting threads, are there other people who own a bike but prefer to commute by other means. if there is I might just give the bike commute a miss tomorrow, but if there isn't anyone then i'm clearly doing something wrong lol :LOL:

  2. Hang in there mate, Rome wasn't built in a day, and learning to ride in traffic isn't over after the first attempt. All those other riders who passed you today and discouraged you with their skills were once in exactly the same position as you.

    And give yourself a reward by going for a non-commute ride after work, it will lift your spirits and remind you of why you got the bike in the first place.
  3. Ultimo to Strathfield? That's just 10km!! that's mini-commuting :grin: :grin:

    Ok, here is the deal: Out of all the riding styles and reasons like cruising down the hwy or twisties in RNP or racing in Eastern creek or been chased by cops or whatever, riding in the morning hour traffic is the hardest, most dangerous and requires the best riding skills. You are stop and go all the way and you are cornered by tons of metal, with drivers who think that the whole road belongs to them. It is hell and it will take time to learn how to scan the road 360 and go fast.

    So you probably are going slow because you still need some experience. Don't let it put you down. I've been commuting to work all my life and it always beats any other transportation and it is cheaper.

    So take it easy and it will slowly come to you.. Maybe follow another rider.. or take paramatta road and use the bus lanes to avoid the traffic ( it is legal to do so, just watch out for buses and for cars that might turn left on your path, only go 20km max more than the traffic)

    Also, you could get yourself a scooter !!! :LOL: :LOL: :moped: :rofl:
  4. Dont worry Andu... You will quickly adapt. I was very tired in the first week of commuting too...

    Stress really can take it out of you, but after that first week, you get used to the noise, the smells, the inconsiderate knobs that dont have the slightest concern for other people's safety.

    You will love the commute once you can confidently filter through the mass of parked cars too. It WILL be quicker :wink:
  5. Wait till the arvo traffic mate. It's really thick. Sorry but I find it far worse than coming into the City. Thats why I take the train.
  6. Congrats on your first commute! After today it's a week since I started.

    The stress of being new to it all really wore me out. I'm still worried about stalling in traffic and that adds to my stress, but it's getting better and you'll get more comfortable if you stick with it.

    My balance has got a lot better from the slow traffic i'm dealing with (Chatswood to Glebe via Gladesville/victoria road through Drummoyne in peak). It's all good practice, don't give up :)

  7. Congratulations! You rode to work that's great news!

    Like everyone's saying, it does get easier. Don't be too hard on yourself - soon you'll be giving us tips :wink:

    Maybe you could hop onto Google Maps and find some back streets to avoid Parramatta Road?
  8. thanks for the support everyone, it really is appreciated :)

    I soldiered on today even though it is really overcast. the ride was more relaxing today, traffic still sucked and I even filtered 3 times. well once was a filter behind another guy on a bike and the other times were sneakys down turning lanes to the front lol what is that called?

    ETA? same as train, oh well. i'm just happy to be out riding :grin:
  9. about lane filtering:

    Be careful of taxi doors or parked car doors and pedestrians, they are not expecting you do be where you are. So scan the road and the cars around you.

    Also, you need to know what the lights will do while you are filtering. If you see the lights turning red, then you know you have enough time to go all the way to the front. If not, then wait where you are, or do one car at a time. The second you see the light going green, find a spot in front of a car and sneak in there. The driver won't like it, but that's his problem..

    If you end up in the front, make some room for other riders behind you and be aware of the lights, as you overtook all the cars, you need to leave first, so keep on looking at the lights. After the lights goes green, make sure you check both ways of the road you are about to cross, as there might be someone who tries to "run the red light".

    You will eventually learn to "read" other drivers, to scan their movements at their seats and understand what they will do next: are they looking for a parking spot, are they on the phone and not looking their mirrors?. Is that taxi about to stop and the door might open on your path? is that a police car around the corner booking those who ride the emergency lane? etc etc

    it is so much fun...
  10. Some great advice in there, I've in my 3rd week of commuting and feel so much more confident and comfortable now, I actually only ride from Annandale to Ultimo but I sometimes take the long way round through to make it more interesting! Looking forward to a proper ride soon!
  11. and I thought my commute was short :LOL:
  12. Check out the City West Link (I think that's what it's called) if you don't know it, it's a road that goes from the Pyrmont Bridge out to Ashfield. Less traffic lights than Parra Rd and also nice wide lanes for splitting :grin:
  13. filtering down turning lanes?

    if you mean sneaking down left hand offramp roads on freeways, or left turn only lanes on main roads, noooo! cars love to turn left in a rage, to get out of the crush and try a different route. and they DONT look for you. pass cars on the right side only, left side is asking for trouble IMHO
  14. I've taken the Westlink home the last 2 afternoons and yesterday I probably shouldn't have considering the rain and wind :shock: made for a character building ride for a noob :LOL:
  15. The rain last night was interesting.. I still haven't used my wet gear.. leather jacket got sprinkled on yesterday though. Today marks a week since i've started commuting and it's definitely getting easier.. besides that one time this morning where i changed up a gear instead of down :p
  16. i've been commuting for about 3 months. yes the first ride was interesting, but it got easier and easier. now i dont even think about taking the bike unless its BLOODY windy or absolutely miserable and pouring with rain.. the car is a warm and cosy option times.

    keep at it, be alert and most important, be safe.

  17. :LOL: I had a brain fart like that the other week. I wanted to go up a gear because I was rolling down a hill, but I wasn't accelerating and my brain got confused and I click the wrong way down a gear instead, I instantly thought woops thats the wrong way, then I did it again and went down another woops wrong way again :LOL: no compression lock up or anything, I was taking it easy.
  18. Hey Andu,

    It's been 6 weeks since your first commute to work...how you feeling now :)
  19. great now thanks for asking :) Anzac bridge is still windy in the afternoon though, I try to make my trip across it as short as possible :wink:

    but really being able to ride to work gets me moving in the morning, unfortunately it gets me riding home even quicker :LOL:
  20. what time do you go home that anzac bridge lets you ride fast enough for it to be windy?! 2pm?! :grin:

    my office window faces the bridge, let me know and ill look out for you one day! :p~