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Another first bike thread!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wildesy, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I've been a reader around here for a while but only recently signed up, should be receiving my membership pack sometime next week.
    For starters I should probably thank you guys, there is a wealth of knowledge around this place and it has been a great help for me personally as a new rider just reading and following along with a lot of it. I definitely appreciate it and it makes the transition onto a bike a whole lot easier in my opinion :)

    Anyways what I actually came in here looking for was some advice on my first bike! I'm weighing up between CBR250RR and Ninja 250R, I'm a sportsbike boy and I generally think those are the two I will be sticking to.

    I was initially going to buy a used Ninja 250r, to save on the initial rego and extra dealer costs etc, but I am struggling to find a decent priced used one at this stage (they are also getting snapped up quickly). There are two in Vic atm, but both have around 13k on the clock and are still like $6,250, which makes me think it would be smarter to just buy one new. I'm going to check out Mornington Kawasaki tomorrow (you guys seem to think they are the best) and I've heard them to be about $6.5+ORC.

    My other option is a CBR250RR, and for some reason I would preferably like one with a Tyga kit, but this of course inflates their price. I realise chances are I'm gonna drop my bike etc, so I see the sense in buying second hand. Generally most CBRs I am seeing are around $4.5-5.5k, with the kit it is about $6.5k.
    This is the one I have been sorta interested in:

    I imagine he will move a bit on the price, and it includes rego etc which helps, but I guess this is the main qualm I have.
    Is it better to spend a bit extra and get a brand new bike, with warranty and no km's, or save some cash, buy this 17 year old second hand bike that has 33,000km on it (how much should this worry me? I keep hearing about CBRs being wound back) and run the risk of any troubles it has down the track?
    The other main thing that probably comes into the equation is the resale value of both of these. I will obviously hope to upgrade at some point in the future and with Ninjas in such high demand, does that put me in a better spot to offload a Ninja down the track? CBRs while they seemingly don't lose value very quickly, there is an abundance of them always being sold and they are starting to get pretty old now.

    Sorry about the length of the post guys, just hoping you might be able to provide me with some insight and where to go from here! Any help would be appreciated, and you are more then welcome to point me in the direction of other dealers and bike sales etc, I'm just trying to give a rough idea of where I stand atm. If anyone does bother to read it all and respond, thanks a lot!
  2. You need to pick the type of bike you want, then look, but be willing to wait.
    Watch the forums, watch the papers, watch bikesales.com and even ebay.com - your bike will come.
  3. On the Ninja 250R. Be aware that this is really just a dressed up GPX/ZZR, both of which are infinitely cheaper and maybe even a bit quicker due to tighter emission laws. However, by the sounds of it you want something that looks nice as well, as there is no denying the Ninja is a nice looking bike compared to the older 250's out there. That fact alone means they attract a premium from new buyers. Most new riders want something they can pose on, its that simple (Not trying to insult). So it will be a bit more expensive, but ultimately, the engine has being around the block a lot, and is as reliable as they come. They are also selling extremely quickly which means when the craze slows down, and the first batch is released onto the second hand market en masse, it will be flooded, killing a lot of resale. Take all that in consideration.

    The engine is a Parallel twin, so has a decent amount of torque, but wont propel you to anything above 160, so don't be disappointed by the lack of get up and go. Its comfortable, fuel efficient, simple and easy to maintain, most probably cheapest in the long run.

    On the CBR250RR. They are common enough that any trouble you do get is easy sorted, due to many being crashed and parts being everywhere. Most bike mechanics have also dealt with at least one, so work is no problem. The tyga kit is awfully expensive, but also looks quite good, better that the Ninja I think (You'll probably drop it). The inline 4's are also some of the faster Learner bikes around, even compared to the Suzuki lams bikes, due to them being purpose built as opposed to simply restricted, so demand from younger riders who want to start on a faster (Relative) bike will always be high. Age is against it though, and as things wear on, more starts to break, especially concerning perishable items such as plastics and rubber. It has never been confirmed whether any of the clocks on the CBR250Rs where ever turned back, however, its likely that at least some where. A decent mechanic should be able to make an estimation based on engine wear.

    The engine is an inline 4, so it has quite a bit more Omph! than the Ninja, maybe seeing a light rider to 190. Its power however is up higher, with less torque over the range, so more often than not you will be revving it pretty hard. Its a very small bike, so if your a big guy, it will be uncomfortable. Shorter blokes are generally as comfortable as on any sport bikes. Its also not quite as fuel efficient, as there is more to keep moving. Running costs are both a factor of age and complexity, so it will be more expensive to keep on the road.

    Insurance will be around the same (Dont hold me to this please!), due to the high market value of the Ninja vs. The crash rate of the CBR250RR.

    In the end, I would recommend the Ninja 250R simply due to the engine being far more reliable and economic. But above this I recommend even more greatly one of the older Kawasakis, the ZZR250 or the GPX250. Either way, try not to be a slave to looks and performance just yet, remember when you upgrade, the money you save now is money you can spend then!!
  4. another bike to consider is the Hyosung GT 250R... i was looking at the ninja but was just abit too small... im 6ft and it felt abit small... i wanted something sporty like yourself and in the end bought a new 250R. Have had it for 2.5mths now and im loving it!! good luck!