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Another filtering thread ... to turn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cygnus, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. So what do netriders do if they're turning at a set of lights?

    For example, if there's a right turn lane, and there are heaps of cars banked up in the right turn lane, do you ride in the going straight lane, and pull up at the front of the right turning queue? What if there are two right turn lanes, what's the etiquette? To use the straight lane or to filter between the two right turn lanes?

    What about left turn lanes? What about left lanes that can go either straight or ahead, especially if you're turning left, and the cars in front of you are going straight, and there's a green left arrow?

    Does anyone use the right turn lane or left turn lane to filter to the front of traffic to go straight?
  2. :|
    too many lanes there.... well end of the day, I filter. As long as I know I can get my bike in between two cars without scratching either my bike or their cars, I filter....let it be to go straight or take a turn.
    But if theres a lane which takes a turn as well as goes straight....and I need to take the turn...and the lights for straight turn green first, I be a bit generous and sit behind the car going straight. Had that same car in this same situation taking the turn, I would have been infront of it.

    On St Kilda road, just infront of Melb Exhibition Centre (I think I got the place right) theres a signal where the left two lanes take left, and only the right lane goes straight towards flinders st station. I know the lights go green for straight first, and later turns green for the turn. So I often (always) filter through the middle lane to be infront of the right lane going straight.
  3. Oops. I guess I wasn't being very clear. Here are the situations:

    1. You want to turn right. There is one right turn lane. There's a red right turn arrow light, green straight light. Do you go straight and merge into the front of the right turn lane?

    2. Same as 1, but two right turn lanes.

    3. You want to go straight, there's a right turn lane. There's a green right turn arrow light or no cars in the right turn lane. Do you use the right turn lane to filter to the front of the straight lane?

    4. You want to turn left. Its a shared left-straight lane. The left turn arrow light is green. The main light is red. The cars in the left-straight lane is going straight, and has stopped. Do you use the straight-only lane next to get to the front and turn left?
  4. 1. Yes.
    2. Yes, filtering in between the two turning lanes I consider safer, because they are usually stopped & you don't have traffic moving past you while filtering. You could do it either way though.
    3. Yes.
    4. yes.

    All provided you don't hold up any other traffic unnecessarily, I think that is the key to good filtering.
  5. Yes to all, and as MV said, as long as I dont hold up any traffic behind me.
  6. There are no splitting rules as such. Most of the time, if you do any of these in front of plod you will get pinged (in Vic, anyway).
    But I do it anyway. Depends on the conditions, lane width and speed/behaviour of traffic at the time. Often use the straight lane to get haead of turning vehicles, and vice versa. They don't like it much so it pays to get out of the way ASAP and cause as little inconvenience as possible.
    Whichever 'alley" is widest, or is visible to me, I will use.
    1. Yes, sometimes.
    2. whichever looks best.
    3. Yes, but watch the lights and gaps carefully.
    4. rarely. I'd usually squeeze through on the left, or wait.
  7. Digging up an old thread. So, I just got camera'ed doing the 3rd point.

    I wanted to go straight, and the light was red. There were no cars in the right turning lane, so I use it to slowly ride towards to intersection. About 1.5 cars to go, light turns green. So, I thought I'd just ride to the front of the traffic, instead of merging in behind the first car.

    Problem is, I'm still in the right turning lane as I entered the intersection, and there's a red right turn arrow. So, as I crossed the intersection line, camera flashed behind me. (It was also a safety camera, but I checked my speed and I'm well under).

    So, technically, since I was going straight, I am obeying the traffic light. I hope I don't get a fine in the mail, but if I do, would I be able to contest it? What's the penalty for not turning when in a turning lane? Any one had similar experiences?

  8. Do you think your intent will be obvious in the photo? Would have been running the red and turning right have been possible at the time you went through? Did you have your left indicator on to merge back into the left?

    I would say you would be able to have the infractions swapped in a court, but if it's obvious from the photo you might be able to plead your case in an appeal letter.
  9. I'm not certain if intent was obvious, depends where I was in the intersection when the second photo was taken I s'pose. I'm also not sure if there were cars going the opposite direction, and no, I did not indicate. ](*,). I did some searching, I think the penalty is less for not turning from a turning lane, something like 2 points and $203, as opposed to 3 points and $300+.
  10. I don't have a set policy, depends on wheteher I am in a filtering mood or just want to sit around and wait. What the traffic conditions are, whether I can see clearly ahead and around me. Horses for courses.
  11. Also I would be reading through the red light law with a fine tooth come to make sure what you did cannot be counted as a red light offense. Otherwise I can see them slapping you with fines for both.

    You might want to post this as a separate topic in politics and law. I can't see many of the intelligent people on this forum (who can give you a far more informed responce than me) thinking that this thread on filtering in new riders will be worth opening.