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Another Fatality - When will car drivers learn

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by the_rsole, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. :(
    There seems to have been another biker fatality on Sunnyholt Rd (Blacktown) tonight. It seems the 4wd at the front stopped, and the bike rider was slammed under the 4wd by the car behind him/her.

    When will car drivers learn to wake up and concentrate on the road?

    My condolenses to the riders family and friends.
  2. Cripes.

    I ride that road once a month (terrible road, bleagh... although now most of the road-works are finished).

    They will never learn, man.
    That's why WE learn... the hard way :(
  3. Lane-splitting saves lives.

    My condolences to all who knew the person.
  4. they couldn't care less about anyone but themselves. thats the mentality behind 4x4.

    people dont want to put the extra effort in for others, its too much work for the poor drivers.

    there are those who care but never thought it would happen to them. worst of all are the ones who blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes so they fail to learn anything.
  5. i agree with everything you say except that to be fair the OP says the 4wd was in front and didnt state what sort of car it was that slammed in to the bike.
  6. unless the forby stopped for no reason at all?? i assumed it was at lights or something.
  7. yes but the problem with the 4x4 is they do push people underneath instead o over the boot where he/she would have survived.

    that person got squashed and its because of the shape and size of the vehicle in front of them.
  8. "seems"

    "could have"


    Until the truth is out, isn't the theorising just that?
  9. noone is claiming otherwise. this is a discussion.
  10. sorry, mate, but you haven't been here long enough to see one of these one-liners degenerate into pure stupidity

    and discussion about a death is a little bit different to whether or not I'm going to buy an AGV or and ARAI helmet......
  11. For further clarification. 4wd was at the front, and a Corolla (I think) did the ramming. I have seen many jump on the brakes at the last minute, due to people turning at the lighs further on.

    Pure and simple, people going too fast, and not looking beyond the vechile in front.
  12. My condolenses to the riders family and friends

    This really annoys me having all these crashes caused by other motorists. I was listening to the radio on friday morning (7:30am) and there had already been two motorcycle accidents that day. I listened today and there was one on the M5. I only hope these accidents significantly decline through the years. Perhaps there needs to be a new "Look left, look right, look bike" campaign on TV in sydney during primetime or something. (and stricter penalties for hitting a motorbike)

    I looked in the Road users handbook (RUH) today - (for car drivers). It could display (100 words) of information about looking out for motorcyclists :(

    anyways - ill stop getting worked up :)
  13. Condolonces to the rider.

    All road users are inattentive at some times, including riders.

    Riders do have single vehicle accidents, and are the cause of accidents at times.
  14. Case in favour of lane splitting rests! Condolences to family & friends of the rider & the poor driver of the 4x4.
  15. My condolences to the family of the rider.
  16. My condolences to the family of the rider. Yet another reminder of the added danger we're in out there.
  17. As our Victorian friends indicate - if we were legally allowed to lane split in this state, accidents like this might not occur. That rider would probably have filtered his way to the front to a position of relative safety. It's time the NSW government and the RTA got over the "well motor cyclists can wait in line like everyone else" mentality.
  18. Condolences to the riders family and friends.
    I agree its another statistic pointing in favour of lane splitting.
    I am not in favour of 4wd but cant really blame it untill all the facts are presented.
  19. newbie going out on a limb?

    honestly, is "seems" as though this could have been just a pure lack of depth perception.
    it is so common whether on a bike or in a car.
    ever had that feeling when there is a vehicle in front and then all-of-a-sudden you are right on it?
    i work the roads and do over a hunjy thou a year, it happens.
    just a bad situation to be in the middle on a bike.

    condolences to family & friends etc, blah knows we need to get more of us out there if not only to raise awareness of our presence. but in all seriousness lets not hang anyone as yet....
    my 2c
  20. yeah, yeah, lane splitting, heard it all before

    Show me a non-freeway road ANYWHERE in Sydney where you can split with any degree of safety (not to mention the fact that it's illegal)

    When I got hit from behind all the well-intentioned Melbournian Netriders all said "I guess now you'll split lanes". Well I can take anyone to where the accident happened and there just isn't ROOM to split, even if you wanted to......