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Another fall & in need of advice !

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. bike model - 1998 kawasaki gpx250 - 56,000 km's - headlight/possible wiring issue's - need advice on what i need to do to find out exactly what the problem is

    i walk into my parents house this afternoon about half hour after coming off my bike (of which i will proceed to explain momentarily) and my mother's partner (harley rider) and his son (gixxer rider) ask why i've got such a smug smile on my face...jokingly asking if i've finally managed to make it somewhere without crashing...upon which i've replied with "no - but i'm sure as shit getting better at how i land when i do crash and atleast i've never had to sell my bike for a woman anyway douchebags :]"

    there's my pointless blurb of no info.

    the drop/crash sadly enough very similar to my last one (you think i'd learn but it was simply me being a fookwit and a tad too gun-ho)...

    was coming upto a roundabout and as i was about to enter it a car which appeared to be exiting the roundabout kept on turning as he decided to u-turn it...i've gotten on the brakes fairly fast...bike was holding up fine up until the 5-10kmph area where probably me being afraid of hitting said car has bitched it and turned the handlebars ever so slightly....and sure as shit it was enough under the pressure of the braking to have the bike drop to the ground and slide about a metre

    ...i got abit of a scratch on my ankle which is still healing(physio stages) after braking it...but nothing serious by the feel of it...and as for the bike...bit of a crack on the mirror arm...after abruptly ripping up my bike back on the vertical and my impatience and anger not letting me wait i flicked the kill switch off...wrung the throttles neck and started off again

    Now here is where the issue is....i'd fuelled up as i was on the way there then left for the parents place as was my original destination ...i've realised half way there (about a 20km ride at about 8pm) that i now have no headlight unless it's on high beam so i'm obviously lead to believe that something's come loose in the wiring ect when i've dropped the bike -

    although i spose this brings up a good question (which might be laughed at but bugger it you don't learn shit from staying quiet) considering the light shines down for low beam and up for the high beam does that by chance mean there is two globes and that i've blown one?
  2. You've got to keep the shiny stuff off the asphalt, mate. Otherwise it gets all scratched and looks tacky. People will laugh at you.

    Glad you're ok.

    Defensive riding doesn't mean riding slowly or conservatively, if means watching everything and trying to anticipate the things that might go wrong, and having some kind of vague idea in mind about what you might do in that event. You could call it controlled paranoia. It's good for paint and chrome and stuff.

    It's very likely that the low beam side of your headlight globe has died. Change the headlight globe. Or get Mum to do it .. LOL. If that doesn't fix it, check your fuses. If that doesn't work, ask the family to help - seriously. There's experience there that might find the problem in seconds. If they can't help, take it to a bike shop. Car auto-electricians generally won't touch bikes. Bike electrics are handled by bike shops. Usually.

    Check the airbox. Take the air filter out and inspect it. If it's got oil on it (like more than about 10% of the surface area is clogged with oil) then replace it. Clean spilled oil up out of the air-box and inlet port, as far as you can reach, and try not to drop anything down there. Check the levels on your oil, radiator coolant, and battery. Check the bike is going straight and not pulling to one side, and that the bars feel straight and symmetric while you're riding. (You may have twisted the forks in the triple clamps a little. It's not hard to fix.)
  3. I would stop the douchebag comments to the family and ask what may be some very experienced risers for some help if you want to kick the crashing habit...

    And your light as said above is probably just the lamp
  4. Older cars tended to use dual filament bulbs (often a H4) for their high/low beam, new cars tend to use two seperate reflectors and with a bulb each. My GS500F uses a dual filament bulbs. Take the bulb out and you should be able to see if it's busted (or give it a gentle shake if needed and you'll see the broken filament wobble)
  5. What KneeDraggon said. Especially the asking for family advice bit.

    As for turning the handlebars when braking, i've done that too with the same (predictable) result.

    Now days I try to remember the old addage about men having enough blood for their brain and their dick, but only one at a time. It's the same thing for a traction on a bike. Brake or Turn, but only one at a time.
  6. Dual filament headlight globes ( like H4, which is what I think the GPX uses ) will have 3 connector prongs on the back. 1. Common, 2. low beam, 3. high beam.
    The filament with the shield around it is the low beam. Do not touch halogen globes on the glass, always hold by the base.

    On to the other matter....
    "and sure as shit it was enough under the pressure of the braking to have the bike drop to the ground and slide about a metre"

    From a mechanical POV...
    Check the front brake operation. GPX's have a single fixed disc/ sliding caliper which if not serviced properly the caliper binds ie doesn't slide properly on its pins.

    From a riding POV..
    When your braking, grip the tank with your knees, relax on the grips.

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  7. Well i reckon pull your head in and ask for advise from riders that have experience,or dont and keep crashing until it really hurts
  8. Good braking skills are important but anticipating danger and you will not have as many braking issues.

    Hope you are beginning to see a pattern in the replies.

    Oh yeah, and what they said about globes.
  9. The fact the lazy assed Harley rider has not taught you tells me he is a farkwitt.
    Bet the fat priiick has an opinion on everything too. And is always right.
    How cutes you mom ???? lol
    While he is still in bed, I would get some zip ties and tie him up in his sleep. Go get a chain saw, hold it over his head and start it up to wake him.