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Another dumb GPS question.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. I know there's a raft-load of GPS questions here already but I just want to ask a couple.

    1. Can I use a car-type GPS unit on my bike if I put it in my tank bag and use bluetooth to relay the instructions? The reason for this is that, if you could, the unit could do double duty, on the bike and in the car.

    2. What are the technical issues associated with using a GPS with bluetooth? Is it easy enough to do or is it such a hassle that it isn't really worth it?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. I'm using a car tomtom gps; although i bought a Ram mount for the bike. i've it used on long trips (melbourne - sydney and back twice and going around NSW and VIC). It's not blue tooth capable cuz it's one early models, but found it more than capable; just glance at it once in a while to make sure i'm going in the right direction.
  3. Thanks, that sounds good. And if you do take a wrong turn you can always just pull over and check it to see where you went wrong, I guess.
  4. I have my Tom Tom turned down just loud enough (in the car obviously) so I can hear it talking (but not hear it!!) and quickly glance at it to see where I need to go.

    As with any Sat Nav don't blindly follow it's instructions, I've had mine send me down a 4x4 goat track in the Otways earlier this year, luckily I was in a 4x4 at the time and needed 4L to get to the other end (mind you it was a quicker route to take in the end).
  5. some points you should consider:
    -if its not a waterproof car gps, then make sure it is well secured in some waterproof bag.
    -you can buy a car charger and a fuse and make a direct charger connection with the bike's battery.
    -sometimes, the light refracted off the tankbag's cover makes it hard to see the display.

    if you are going to buy one, could consider a zumo 550. sturdy kit, waterproof, works both as a car and bike navigation unit with lots of good reviews. I have seen the TOMTOM riders crapping out a lot. :|

    i prefer a wired earphone to connect the gps. The earphones work for noise isolation as well.
  6. i've got a zumo 660 and it's great. I've been using it to ride around the UK and France where I'd be totally lost without it. I've never had any other type of GPS so can't compare but i'm really happy with it, and i've got it hooked up to a scala rider bluetooth headset. Can't get it to work properly with my phone, but that's probably not a good idea anyway. Main problem I can see is that they are expensive. There are loads of ways people rig up cheaper GPS setups. Have a search around.
  7. The Zumo 550 is waterproof and comes with both cradles (car & bike) you can get them for around the $700 mark.

    Bluetooth is a piece of piss to connect and get working. Pair it with a headset that mounts to your helmet and your life will be much easier to navigate on the bike.
  8. +1 for the Zumo - easy to use and comes with everything you need. I got mine through GPSOz in Sydney a few years back (they're now about half the price!!!)

    No reason you can't use a cheap generic one though, bearing in m ind the issues above. The only bluetooth drama I've encountered was one headset that would disconnect if there was no volume transmitted for about 5 seconds. Fine if you've got the music playing, but otherwise painful. That was the headset at fault though, not the GPS.

    I'm still trying to nut out the best way to incorporate the Zumo, my Earmodls, and a mic to use the phone connectivity, without forking out $xxx for a Scala etc.
  9. StarCom1 PP-04 headset an SH-550 (cables) http://www.dmme.com.au/Prices and Ordering.htm
    swap the standard headset out for the PP-04 =D> $105
  10. What I say about not forking out $xxx??? The interface units start at $320 - too much for me.

    The PP-04 on it's own, at $70, may however do the job perfectly.

    Thanks for the pointer!
  11. even when they say a gps has bluetooth it might only receive and not broadcast. jaycar sell a little bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the earpiece connection.
  12. And what would this do?
  13. Get a Bluetooth adapter from the audio out of the GPS, pipes the intructions to your Bluetooth headset.

    I am doing the same thing at the moment, the only problem is, the cheaper GPS units don't come with audio out, you need to spend about $400 for that, & instructions over bluetooth starts at about $550 for bike specific models.

    I picked up a s/h GPS with audio out from Cash Converters for $40, if I can replace the battery it'll be sweet! It was a $600 Uniden unit, they want $170 for the latest maps & software, but you can get around that. Either way I'll be ahead!