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Another Dual-Sport thread/argument

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stormtrooper, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone is able to offer constructive advice on how the TDM 900 stacks up to the V-Strom?

    I'm seriously interested in the V-Strom 650 having just about parted ways with my SV650 - its a great engine, plenty of grunt and good fun to work, but came across a TDM900 for not a great deal more....

    So I'm thinking you've got another 250cc of engine, more power, lighter bike and compareable fuel economy from what little I've found to read.

    What I'm curious about is would the TDM have the same reliability as the V-Strom and am I going to be replacing tyres every 6 months?

    And has anyone ridden these two back-to-back?

  2. Marvin the Martian loves his TDM and commutes as well on it - he don't post much, but went on and going on this years 4M's ride.

    Have ridden both....

    TDM - weird front tyre size at 18" may not be available outside major cities. Obviously bigger bike - do you really need it??

    the 650 does it all, really fun bike to ride in twisties (not too far off your SV), nothing like a Vtwin, and unless two up hard to fault - would try for an ABS model with the only negative the buffeting but easily solved via some screen adjustments/Madstad bracket
  3. TDM was a pricier bike earlier before it was discounted to about 12 grand, so you might expect an overall higher spec for the components.

    Bigger bike, but the Strom looks bulky for it's size too, but the feel will be somewhat different besides. You might clearly like one over the other, in which case both are pretty well proven bikes.
  4. I've been trolling the threads here and elsewhere for the same info since I posted about the Vstrom a week or so ago. I was pretty much sold on the 650 VStrom until someone I trust convinced me to look closer at the TDM (so I took the blinkers off).

    Carpe TDM is good, fair bit of info at ADVRider, and JBX has a good TDM info site.

    So far I see it the same as the OP - you get a bike slightly lighter, but with about 20 more horses and an extra 250cc, similar fuel range. Two up may be better from extra power/capacity. IMHO the TDM looks far better (although that's not saying much). Reliability and maintenance seems similar from what I've read.

    Second hand, the TDM will have more ks and be older for same price.
    18" front is a hassle, but not insurmountable. Low exhaust may be a problem if you intend on taking it through flooded rivers (keep the revs up!).

    But what it really comes down to is how do they compare when riding them? I have arranged a demo on a Vstrom next weekend, but can't get access to a second hand TDM just yet - nearest one is 500ks away.

    Would also like to hear the opinion of anyone who has ridden both the DL650 and the TDM900....
  5. Well, took the TDM for a quick run on the weekend, and I'm prepared to put my money down.

    Its got the same feel as the V-Strom in terms of that torquey rumble (and with twin staintunes, the sound is awesome.....

    The bike is a bit taller than the V-Strom (almost as tall as the tiger) but is very light. It weighs in about the same as my SV.

    Acceleration isn't quite as quick as I expected for a 900cc but it still brings a grin. And the brakes are in another league compared to the V-Strom.

    I also found it had a lot more character than the V-Strom and I think that's what has sold me on it....
  6. I just can’t get past the name…
    “TDM†Say it quickly Tedium
    They may as well have just called it boring…
    Now I haven’t ridden one so can’t comment on what they are really like but that is a really bad name
  7. The Tedium is a much better bike than the name and the dodgy appearance would have you believe, it's just a shame they put an 18" front wheel on it.

    A 19" would have made tyre choice so much easier.
  8. Yeah, its a bit of a tragedy with the name... should have thought of their acronym a bit more :)

    If you can find one, they're worth having a go on. I think they're a genuine alternative to the V-Strom but I don't know why Yamaha don't push them a bit more....
  9. It's an absolutely ancient motor, although it's been updated about as far as they can go. This makes it pretty reliable, but it's getting squeezed on the emissions front and they know they can't keep it going much longer before being put out to pasture.

    I reckon they've gone down the wrong path with it. It's a kind of cheap Multistrada when really it would have been better to make it a cheap BMW GS or Adventure, with a bit more dirt road potential (19" front).

    I didn't like the low down fueling on the previous (850) model but apparently that's been fixed, along with the front damping.
  10. ill only add something you probably know already.... other than their looks, nothing but praise for the weestroms. :)