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Another DnM Thread, Oh Boy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. because i don't know any of you that well, and i see a couple of depressive threads a week (lol) i thought i'd spill the beans on whats eating me at the moment.

    girls (DUH!!!) isn't it always? heh

    it's not the usual GF pissed me off, girls are hard to read, girls are bitches etc etc type of rant.

    my problem is that apart from 1 girl, i've never been able to hold a relationship past a couple of weeks. i think 2 is my record (as i said, apart from 1 girl)

    and it's my problem, not theirs.

    i'm not trying to sound arrogant, and i'm far from arrogant, but i'll try and give you the info.. from what i've been told, i'm fairly good looking (in a boyish kinda way), and apparently i'm great to be around, personality wise etc.

    i think it could be that i'm too fussy. too picky with my girls.

    at the start, my intentions are uncommon for 'blokie blokes' - i WANT relationship, i WANT romance, i WANT hugs and compasion and companionship and all that shit. it even sounds queer writing it - eep!

    but, after about a week, i start to look at the girl in a different way, seeing what i don't like about her, and not really wanting to see her.

    i still don't want to hurt her, so i end up just being a dickhead until she breaks up with me. generally i'll just not call her, not answer her calls, then apologise and say i've been really busy - and keep doing that until she breaks up with me.

    some people say it's 'fear of commitment' - but how can that be - if i want it? lol. can i still fear it deep down and that causes me to disassociate myself with my girlfriend?

    some people say my standards are too high, and i care too much what other people think - too true.. but i don't want to change it.. majority of my girls are jaw droppers, and people tend to think glamours have bad personalitys - some of them can be dopey.. but thats not what i pick up on.. i pick up on being lazy, having a un-trimmed eyebrows, bad habits, bad mannerisms, foul language.

    i know, i know.. i'm a cauvenistic pig (spelling, sorry.)
    but whats wrong with wanting Miss Perfect? lol

    another problem is that i don't meet alot of girls.. i goto parties once in a blue moon.. and majority of the time, i'll look for the cutiest girl, end up getting her, and 2 weeks later i cause her to break up with me - and my 'act' is over.

    oh, i forgot to mention - i act like the worlds best gentleman for those 2 weeks. i'd like to be all the time, but i'm not, i don't think.

    then, theres those who say 'the sex always ruins it' - well, to them all i can tell you is that my last GF was a virgin when i was with her. (my first virgin, lucky i didn't end up having sex with her - i'd be a dead man.)

    so what do i do? how do i fix it, find Miss Perfect, settle down, and have kids!

    i'm 20 now... only 3 years until my planned age to have kids.
    and i want those 3 years to get to know the mother of my children.
  2. Take a valium. :grin:

    I hate to say it but perfect, is not how you find someone.
    Perfect is what they and you become.

    You learn to like there quirky habits shoes in the middle of the floor, Parking their bike in the middle of the garage so there is no room for yours, stealing the pillows. :wink:

    Love is not found, love is shared.
  3. Geez mate, you are only 20 ffs!
    Maybe relax a little, try not to plan your life so much and just live it.
    Go to church too, there are plenty of the kinds of girls you are after there!! :p
  4. Sh*t! Where do I start?!

    Perhaps at the end...

    Go with the fu#%ing flow and stop planning your life by the minute! Befriend the girls beforehand, and then maybe you'll respect them for more than their looks, and you'll have something to talk about when the ditzy-goodlookers (sorry to stereotype!) decide that you're being shallow.

    1 week?! I can hardly remember what colour a girls eyes are after meeting her just a week ago. Slow things up a bit! If you slow things up a bit perhaps even after a week you'll look forward to seeing her...

    You need to start by living life for yourself, and not by trying to live out your own expectations! It'll only end in disapointment!

    My advice: Get a few guys together and go for a blast through your favourite set of twistys. Not quite the same as appearing on Dr Phil, but I find it clears your head all the same!

    You're only a spring chicken, start living life!!
  5. Maybe girls think you're a bad boy when they first meet you since you ride a bike or are interested in motorbikes, but when they get to know you they find out you're just a poser :LOL:

    :LOL: Only joking dude :LOL:
  6. Yo are a boy! :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. could be true if i rode a bike, or didn't cause them to break up with me

    but alot of people do think it's to do with my 'act', a common line i hear when telling the few people i confide in are "maybe you don't want them to know the real you.."
  8. Fake! Fake! Fake!

    I don't really have any sympathy (that and I don't think any is needed), you're just finding your feet like all young 'uns. You'll soon find the real you!

    Sounds like you think too much to me, an awful curse in today's world.
  9. Life and relationships are about expectations.

    You pick on the cutest chick in the room with the expectation that her lifestyle will be as pretty as her face... when it isn't, your expectations are dashed and you move on.

    You didn't say whether they are glad or happy when you leave them; have you bothered to think about what THEIR expeectations might be?

    But, as the others have said, stop planning life to the nth degree, you're only 20, and as strange as you may find this, people actually do manage to make it to 30, and 40 and 50, and beyond, and have great lives. Relax. Next time you go out, don't head for the prettiest girl, join in some conversations and listen for the funniest girl, or the one with the similar hobbies, or whatever.
  10. Yeah. Always go for the funniest girl. Its less boring ;)
  11. What's really sad is that you post this in an internet forum.
    As for not being arrogant re read your photography spiel.
    I find this whole thread self indulgent personally.
    Go stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself nice and loud 20 times
    "The world does not revolve around me"
    When you realise that you will have more luck with the chicky babes.
  12. You'll never find Miss Perfect...I married her :LOL:
    Mrs Nodz is one in a million. A peice of advice take it or ignore it, it's up to you. Relax, take it easy, enjoy the relationship, enjoy its development. Take your time.
  13. You sound like a cross between Elaine, Jerry and George.
  14. <confucious>What you seek in a partner, you may only find wthin. You tosser.</confucious>
  15. And as far as having a "time limit" to settle down and have kids (23 ) :shock: , you need a cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down my dear. Massive commitment. Forever. Even if you tire of your concubine, the kids are FOREVER. not just till theyre 18!!!
  16. Mate this is a M O T O R C Y C L E forruummm.....we do not talk about these things here!

    But since your on the topic....i'm 25 and think when i was your age i can honestly say i knew f(*& all about myself. You don't know what you want, who you want etc. Stop thinking about the future too much and just make genuine friends.

    .....yeah and then i did this massive wheelie it was great!!!
  17. Do you find yourself inextricably drawn to bottoms?
  18. ya stink of desperation. the girls smell that a mile away.

    Frigging hell, you're 20. Go enjoy life.

    Back in my dating days if I girl told me that her master plan was to have kids 3 years from now, she'd be dropped before she finished the sentence.
  19. Go to a pub. Get drunk. Repeat until happy...
  20. Go to Oprah. Go to Oprah.

    Dare i say it, but you may be in need of some professional 'relationship counseling' coz as others have stated, this is probably not the place to get a full bag of advice.

    You describe yourself as kinda good looking - yet you seek perfection in someone else??? :?

    as confusious' stated (channelled thru Loz)....
    the problem IS you, so stop dragging these poor girls thru your shit until you get it sorted!!!
    and don't worry about kids by 23... it may seem desperately important to you right now but sort yourself out first and all will become clear.