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Another delurkin' Brisbanite

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by peon_feo, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Heyas,

    Thought it probably about time I stopped lurking in the shadows here and said g'day. ("G'day!"). Particularly after a certain lovely forum-member gave me such a good deal on a jacket and gloves on the weekend (thanks!).

    So yes. Just got my learners license, planning on Q-riding in the near future. Until then, I'm (cough) riding a (cough) 50cc scooter (cough). Good fun, but somewhat.. limited.. power-wise ;) Definitely cheap, though!

    Anyway.. hope to see you 'round the traps!

  2. Hey Dave , welcome, hope your stay is enjoyable, heaps of help and good info here.

    cya round
  3. Hey Dave, and welcome to the best forum going. If you can't find the answer here, the question hasn't been invented yet.......
  4. hi dave, welcome!!

    looking forward to seeing you around after your Q.... i've got mine down at morgan and wacker on logan rd on friday! eek!!!

  5. Thanks all! So tell me, MacFfy -- why'd you go for M&W?
  6. welcome peon..... i did my q ride at prohonda (rocklea) guys there were great ... got it first go without ever being in control of a bike before... hopefully we can catch up of r a ride when you get em mate... :)

    MacFfy... good luck on fri mate... just dont stress and do what they say.. they taught lots of people so they know what to tetll you to get you to pass.... have fun :)
  7. just liked the look of them!!

    was at the motor show back at the beginning of the year (when was it, feb/march?) and spent a hood 30 minutes talking to a M&W guy there... guess he persuaded me.

    to be honest I didn't really know anywhere else in the area when I booked, and I was able to get the most info about them!

    are yougoing to tell me that they're over-priced and under-rated? that's normally what happens to me!! hehehe ;)
  8. Hey dave welcome :)

    No shame in the 50cc scooter - i started on one too! had it for a month or two before i turfed it for a bike...

    I did my Q-Ride with StayUpright out at the Mt Cotton driver training centre. I would highly recommend them... bit of a mission getting out there though, but worth it!
  9. countmacula... heard good things about them from other riders.... hoping to do a braking and cornering course there in the next few months or so :)
  10. Thought I should post a followup here, now that I've got my license! Went through Q-Ride with Team Moto -- did their two-day course ($545) with a fixed-price garuantee (that I didn't need!).

    Ended up doing day 1 out at Bowen Hills, but they had to move my day 2 to Springwood, as the BH instructor got hit by a truck (when on a road ride with another class!) a few days before I went back for day 2.

    Anyway, I'm now fully licensed for any size bike -- just need to find the perfect one.......
  11. Yay, Dave. Pennies permitting, the world is your oyster. Just don't ask here what you should buy :LOL: