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Another Daytona Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Daytona675, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    Recently joined. I bought a new Daytona 675 in August after 11yrs on a CBR600F3. Before that a VF500, and before that a Suzuki GSX250S (the silver katana looking one).

    Daytona is stock at the moment except for personalised plates and a billet rego holder. May look at aftermarket muffler or exhaust down the track. What systems do people recommend? - prefer stainless/chrome to carbon fibre so maybe Leo Vance or Staintune.

    Wife has a triumph tank cover/tank bag put away for chrissie, and I may get the gold anodised top nut at the next service.

    See ya
  2. You lucky b@stard! :wink:
    The Dayt's a magic piece of kit. Hope you enjoy it.
    Where are you located, mate?
  3. Hi Titus,

    Just updated my location - I'm in Sydney.
    Bought the bike from Team Moto in Blacktown.
  4. out of curiosity were they open to haggling? what price did you end up getting it for? im looking at getting a Daytona 675 sometime before xmas and am looking at either blacktown team moto or camden motorcycles. I've heard blacktown team moto are pretty shit for after sales service but they are ok to deal with for the actual purchase.
  5. MrJimmyC

    I would rather comment in a PM than an open forum, but apparently I need 20 posts before I can PM you.

    If you can try to PM me, and send me your email address in the PM, I'll give you more details on my experiences - good and bad. If you can't PM me, try kb7000ATtpgdotcomdotau.

    I paid list price for the bike, but did get some extras.
  6. Congrats! Im still deciding what to do...wait until new year for a black one or get the silver'ish within a month :eek:
  7. Just sent you an email mate. My post count is also still too low for PM'ing :p
  8. I was also stuck with this decision a few weeks ago until i saw the photo's for the new model and that made my mind up. As much as I love the black color i absolutely HATE the new style decals on next years model so I will be buying one of the graphites with the current gen decals.
  9. Welcome KB,

    Now you will see/read how silly we all are :shock: , Oh forgot, you already new that, by working with one of us :LOL:

    You will have to come out to coffee one weekend to show us your new bike :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  10. look at bikebiz i'n parra as well, their deal is quite reasonable
  11. hey mate congrats on the 675, its a damn lovely piece of machinery :)

    with the new pipe u want, i would suggest either a staintune if u want just polished finish or if u are happy with a touch of Carbon fibre, i would suggest gettin ur hands on a Jardine TI pipe like me :D

  12. Boy how slow am I to find this post :facepalm:

    Welcome to the nut house but as it already been pointed out you had an idea on how crazy we are already.

    Hope you can make it to coffee one day so everyone else can have a drool over ya baby....instead of just me :grin: but i wipe it off :shock:
  13. Thanks for the photos Big_simmo, that's looks nice. I do like the look of the staintunes though. The bike shop tried to talk me into the full carbon fibre Jardine, but I like the chrome look more.

    Kim - yeah, I'd like to make it one day. So it was you was it? I noticed some spots on it the other night. When I'm finished being mr mom next week, I'll have to give it a good clean and take it for a ride or vice versa. :grin:
  14. Hi KB,
    Email sent.