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Another Daytona rider says hi.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by daytona675se, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Dropping by to say hello. Been riding dirtbikes for a while and now decided to give the road a serious crack. If you see a white/blue daytonaSE around the Melbourne area give me a nod and I'll do the same.

  2. Welcome mate.. I won't be visiting Melb for a while yet, but when I do I'll scour the streets to try to find ya and if I see you I'll send a nod your way :p

    Nice bike (y) How long have you been road riding?
  3. hey dude nice bike
  4. Thanks guys,
    Only been on the road for a handful of months. Looking forward to doing some track days too. Really happy with the Triumph as a package. Just put a new seat on it and what a difference it is to ride.
  5. What's wrong with the stock seat?
  6. Personally I just didn't like it. To me the seat felt slippery and a little squarish (Only really noticeable when I put a foot down to be honest). I feel the gel seat just finished the bike off.
  7. welcome daytona675e! nice bike! (y) if you don't mind, how much did the gel seat set you back? and was there any difference in seat height? reason i'm asking is am looking at the striple as an upgrade & would like to know if changing stock seats would make a difference in seat height (lowering seat height that is)
  8. Hi jaBBer,
    I purchased the saddlemen gel channel sports seat. From memory it was $240 delivered from the US. It also comes with a cover for the pillion to make it look uniform. On top of comfort it also looks good IMO. I would say it did lower the seat slightly but not by much. I read somewhere it lowers the seat height by an inch...If your short it would help at the light as it comforms to the bike better as your legs don't hit the top sides of the stock seat. Hope that helps and makes sense.
  9. Welcome d675se. Have to say i love the colour combination of blue on white on the SE.
    jabber, my mate has just fitted a gel seat to his 675 (and he's a short *rse too ;) ) and he loves it. Better feel, better comfort and he's more comfortable at a standstill.
    Going from memory he said he got it from the UK, around the $150 mark i think. Might have been an ebay steal, i'm really not sure, but it was new.
    It does look the part though.
  10. Gday mate welcome Melbourne your in my neck of the woods I'll give a nod, look out for the yellow VTR250. Also I must say nice choice of bike I'm tossing up between the Daytona or Street Triple, but I've got till December to decide...
  11. $150 :wideyed: I'm hoping that was a Triumph gel seat.
  12. I'll keep an eye out VTRcamper. Ahh you got plenty of time to try and decide. Either way you'll be happy.
  13. I didn't really pay too much attention TBH. The seat has like a 'seam' down the middle that's about an inch wide. Looks like a nice piece of kit wherever it's from or whoever made it.
  14. makes absolute sense mate! (y) i sat on a 2013 striple in a local dealer & i was almost on tiptoes :nailbiting: thanks for the info!

    safe riding!
  15. welcome to NR and keep smiling!! :)
  16. Welcome to NR! Stay upright on a nice looking Daytona, it could be my dream bike, but I won't be buying one. It always just be a dream...