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another day of firsts (new boots and wet weather riding)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cbr-princess, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. well today was another day of first things for me.
    went down to the toy run and it was fine. Wore my new boots and they are taking a lil getting used to. Not as easy to change gears as my runners are. never the less fits my little feet just fine and are comfy and waterproof..........
    on the way home weather not so fine. caught out in the rain.
    lucky for me i have some really good good friends who not only provided me with guidance and safety but also provided me with some wet weather gear.

    So i have to say my new experiences were great and even better learnt under the safe wings of good friends. Thanks guys, u know who u are.

  2. Good on you Nadia.

    The day I picked my bike up, the first time I rode on the road, it poured like a mofo!
  3. ;0

    damn. i didnt even pick my bike up the day i got it. i got my mate to put it in his van. lol
    so i think i have come a long way. even today i was like omg rain wat do i do.
  4. I was in the same position first day I rode my new bike, started raining about 15 kms from home. Just take it easy and you'll find the tyres will just get on with the job. Well done for sticking through it and getting along to the toy run too
  5. excellent work - now you have popped you wet weather cherry you'll be riding in this in no time:

  6. Glad to hear you are coming along so well. One thing is good to remember - our bikes are made to handle the rain - so we have to too :grin:
    Went on a big ride last weekend - and boy did we get bucketed on during the ride home. It's all experience :p
  7. Well, well well, a far cry from the discussion we were having 2-3 wks ago!?! Gr8 work & glad u persevered :grin:
  8. I can't believe you did 8000k's in Melbourne b4 booking in for your P's & never got wet!

    That's miraculous!
  9. \:D/ Well done princess. Glad you made it safe. A little rain is uncomfortable and a little annoying, but not as bad as people think. Its not like locking the keys in the car, or misplacing your bike key. :rofl:
  10. You should have adjusted the gear lever and it would be the same as you are in your runners...
  11. ;0

    didnt know i could adjust gear lever.

    yes kampa77 wait till you c the footage of every1 putting the rain gear on me, major struggle. and your right it would not be as unfcomfortable as having locked my keys in my car or misplacing my bike key (leaving it on the concrete right next to my bike). This is what happens wen im in a rush.
    Lucky for me i have good friends who were willing to break and enter.
  12. \:D/ Just you wait till you hear the music that's been suggested be put with the footage. Youtube material for sure. LOL

    Can't wait. :rofl:
  13. ;0

    hhahaha oh gr8... so im guessing u guys were talking about it last night then ey.
    now get back to work u slacker.
  14. speaking of all of you getting back to work...
    get back to work!!

    good to hear you didn't shrink too much in the wet... just be very very afraid of the tram tracks... :evil:

    Only joking they are a piece of piss, too many people whinge about them for no reason... they are as harmless as an emo...

    knowing melbourne, we will all most likely get more rainy days before this "summer" is out...
  15. :rofl: that's so true!!

    I hope we get a heap more rain this week, as we're pretty screwed otherwise :( the last few days have been miserable, yet helpful....
  16. ;p

    ye you wouldnt think wet weather gear would be necessary during summer. i just want some stinking hot summer nights and some sunny days for my tan. is that 2 much to ask 4.
  17. I don't mind if it rains after midnight, or all day while I'm stuck in my cube at work. But mornings and evenings of clear skies would be nice...

    Could you put an order in for me Ceska? Ta!

  18. of course [-o<
    just looked @ the bigger picture.... u know, was thinking I may want to wash my riding pants over summer in actual water as well as shower from time to time :? don't think the local pool would b happy with laundry suds from my washing & my dam water is too smelly for cleaning :LOL: