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Another day in paradise (NZ)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Well , I finally escaped from hospital & have been happily thrashing the baby VFR around the north island for the last week. And have I done some catching up :LOL:
    Came up from Wellington to Wanganui. Then headed inland up through the Parapara ranges. 60 odd kms of Reefton would be the closest description. Round the back of National park & up through Taumranui. Then about 100 odd kms of 55 & 65km marked corners. All taken between 100-140 on the pegs. Absolute bliss. The best fun you can have. Bar none.
    Then on to Cambridge & up over the Kaimai ranges -some of the best tight sweepers you have seen in you life. 2 lanes wide. Uphill. Marked 45-55km/hr. To Tauranga. Where I was born. To hook up with family for a few days
    Spent a couple of days riding around the Corromandel pennisula. Crikey. I've run out of superlatives for the roads around here. Hundreds of kays of 25,35,45 & 55km marked corners. Spent chasing my brother on his KTM 640 LC4. Laughing my head off watching him lay big blackies out of the tighter corners. Watching the tires dissappear before your eyes.
    Had to call a halt to the madness yesterday. Cause I've worn the sides off my tires. And the poor little 400 is due for a service.
    Oil & tire changed & as I write this I'm waiting for one of our mates to turn up so we can go & do it all again.
    Head south again tomorrow. Down the east cape. For some more fun in the south island.
    If you ever get the chance, do yourself a favour. Get yourself & a bike over here for at least a month. Cause its the best damn fun you will ever have in your life. I guarentee it. How do I know? Cause I can't wait to get back here again. Cheers all, Andrew

  2. Booooooooooooooring !!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Go,... get em brother !!
    Ever thought of putting tubes in....just for an extra layer of rubber....