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Another Cringe-worthy moment

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by rs101, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Reefton spur, according to the comments, he did a forward somersault onto his back and walked away.

    Half the reason I haven't been up on the spurs on a weekend yet.

  2. Damn, feel sorry for the bloke who got taken out.

    Some idiots need to settle down on public roads, sure have some fun but within your limits :wink:

  3. That's been posted before.
    And we mustn't speculate. :p
  4. OUCH!!!! Hard to believe that you could walk away from that
  5. Before you start labelling people idiots, consider a couple of possibilities first-
    Tyre failure
    Wildlife running onto road
    Heart attack...

    ...and any number of other causes that could have resulted in the rider losing it beyond his/her control.
  6. ...the dreaded diesel spillage...
  7. This is on another thread, but just to finish this thread:

    I can confirm that both riders walked away with bruises (the one in jeans and sneakers also had a bloodied knee). Both bikes were totalled. No further information will be released in writing in public :wink: No, it wasn't me.

    Be careful out there...
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  9. ^^^^^^nice cleavage! no not you vic
  10. Can anyone tell me where the Reefton spur actually is? What town is it between? Reefton and Healsville?
  11. Go through warburton, about 15 ks, not far past the reefton pub. All will be revealed from there
  12. My memories of that road was riding down, alone on the road, at 60kph, trying to gather what little memorial-pile debris belonged to what bike.

    Didn't see a vehicle either way. Man that roads rocks on a weekday.
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