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Another crb600f4(fx) won't start, but was working fine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mattizie, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. What a coincidence, another bike just like mine won't start, but I'm sure mine isn't an electrical problem.

    Anyway, bike has been sitting around for 7 months or so, about once a month I started her up and let her idle/rev a bit for 15 minutes.

    Since getting my licence back (for 30 days until the next suspension kicks in). I took her for a quick ride to the bike shop, and all was well.

    This morning I started her up to warm up, when I got back 5 mins later, she had switched off, and I couldn't get her to start.

    The engine turns over, the battery is brand new and hooked up to a trickle charger anyway, so it's not that.

    When I open the choke all the way, it won't start but I can hear an occasional firing (if that's the correct term).

    I think that it's to do with old petrol gumming up the carbs or something, but I don't have very much experience with this sort of stuff.

    Any other theories on what's stopping my bike from starting? I wanna make the most of the 25 days I have left :(
  2. Fuel does age, I would put some fresh stuff in and try again. Drain the old stuff out, could also be water in the float bowels of the Carb. Drain the float bowls as well.
  3. hey mate must be a cbr600fx flu getting around!.. mine recovered but relapsed... yours definitely sounds like stale fuel/gummed carbs.. if you don't have time to clean carbs you could always use a petrol treatment like liqui moly 4T fuel system cleaner..(i use both the 2T for my RGV's and the 4T in my other bikes to good effect).. and if you just need to get it started try some good ol' start ya bastard down the air intake.. (smells sweet like race fuel too!)
  4. You didn't turn the fuel tap off and forget about it??? It's located under the tank, you can squeeze your hand in from the left hand side of the bike. More likely what the other guys said but thought just in case I'll add that.
  5. the aged fuel has prob also fouled the plugs, this quite often happens to my project car, as it doesnt get run all that often.

    there is a product called something like 'stay-bil' that is said to stabalise the fuel and allow it to be good for up to a year or so... i should really invest in some :S