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Another Cold Start Fail - Suzuki GSF250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by fatjoez, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Done some online/forum reading but had no luck.

    Can't cold start my 97 Suzuki GSF250 4cylinder.

    - First time after 2 days cold.

    - Tried starter (no choke)
    Made the standard clicking/starter noise but no ignition.

    - Fuel Tank 3/4 full so no issue there.

    - Checked the fuel tap and set it to "On"
    (FYI Fuel tap doesn't turn any further right past "on")

    - Also tried with full choke a few times


    - No Luck again.

    - After a few failed attempts,
    ignition sound change to a faint whiny whirring noise.

    Sounds like the battery issue or flooded engine.

    - Tried putting in 1st gear and pushing up the road to bump start, but no luck here either.

    - By this point there was a strong smell of gasoline around the bike and I gave up


    Any advice on what to do next?

    Pull / inspect spark plugs?
  2. wtf?

    full choke, start the bike....you may have drained the battery - chuck it on a charger if you feel this is the case

    it's a old ass bike my girl refuse's to start in the cold without full choke which i take off then manually control the throttle to warm it up after about 20 seconds of choke being on...probably not advised but i'm not one to care about making extra work for myself

    -another owner of a old ass high revving 2 fiddy.
  3. Odd that it didn't start when I tried with choke.
    Don't have a charger, so I'll have to buy one.

    What about engine flood theory?
  4. If you have a strong smell of fuel it sounds like it is flooded.

    if your fuel tap does not turn to "on" perhaps it is faulty, if it is vacuum operated also check the vacuum line.

    once you have the battery charged, there is some basic trouble shooting you can do.

    you need fuel, air and spark.
  5. What fuel have you been putting it it? get some innox onto the tap and check the hoses..
  6. Could be a number of things, i think that you live in the gold coast dont you? there is no such thing as a cold start north of port macquarie so i would say its likely a battery issue, at least my first port of call would be to charge or replace the battery.

    My bike is really hard to start on cold mornings and needs to be garaged and stored warm to ensure it will run early the next morning. The easiest way to get an engine to start is, neutral with clutch in (lowers the load on the starter) full choke and all headlights/indicators off (to make sure you have as much electricity as possible), then give it a press and be ready to apply some throttle to get it going. Turn the choke off once its going and use the throttle to keep it running till it gets warm enough to run on its own.

    If that doesnt work, get some startyabarstard or brake cleaner and spray some into the air intake.

    If that doenst work i would be taking out spark plugs and checking for a spark and for gunk build up, clean or replace if gunky.
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    Last edited: Aug 13, 2013
    Cool thanks.

    - sorry, to clarify, 24degrees here, so by cold I meant idle for 2 days

    - haven't filled up fuel since buying it

    - not sure if it is vacuum or not or where the vacuum line is. newbie

    - charging battery now. (fyi battery is from january so shouldn't be dying)

    Next start attempt, should I leave choke off + throttle on?
    Cause I think I've flooded it with all the failed starts.
  8. in the pic the tap is on reserve or even a little past it try with the arrow on the tap pointing down
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  9. Worry about that later as it is a long shot

    Trying and failing to start over and over will easily flatten a battery

    Choke out full press starter don't use the throttle.
  10. Cool, bought a supercheapauto 12V battery charger.
    Still charging 3 hours in so must have been really flat.

    Will try with choke + no throttle + tap pointing down soon as it's charged
  12. Try using petrol. That gasoline crap will kill your engine
  13. Got it,

    Battery = Full Charge
    Choke = Off
    Fuel Tap = Reserve
    Throttle = Light
  14. try tap on the on position you run the risk of running out of fuel in the reserve position
  15. No problem, I have a fuel gauge so not too bad.

    Starting to appreciate how sophisticated a fuel injected car is
  16. just try it next thread you post will be ,i ran out of petrol can somebody help me
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  17. Too early to tell lol
  18. If you suspect you have flooded it whilst trying to start it, turn the choke off at that point.

    Holding the starter whilst slowly winding open the throttle will start a flooded engine.

    Still if you failed to bump start it, then I suspect you may have other problems.

  19. Mines a pain to start. It's a 92 or so. I've tried clean out carb and replacing suction boot and tubes etc.

    Looking at your tap there's 3 settings reserve left. Prime/on. And right fuel or normal.

    Prime/on should allow fuel to pour straight into carb. Not influenced by suction only gravity and if diagram in fuel cock is stuck will no flow. Prime/ON is meant for starting.

    Reserve/rev and fuel use suction from the tube back right.
    the suction uses a push suck to push fuel into carbs and is how it should be under normal operation/circumstances.

    If the bike has been left on on/prime I'd suggest draining fuel bowls on all 4 carbs at bottom with Allenkey. You'll need a shallow tray to catch the fuel. DO NOT FORGET to tighten screws after draining.

    To test the fuelcock put to fuel and pull off tube on right. with a sucking and blowing motion yI u notice the peacock working. It should stop go stop go etc With your breaths. This will also free up a stuck manifold in prime/on position to allow flow again.

    Once bike running will charge battery

    To push start bike get a good run up. Place bike in second hold cluch in and get as fast as you can. Release clutch and Rev handle. It should kick into life.

    Choke shold be open third to a half. When you get bike started carefully play with choke look for best rev setting / 2000rpm and remember placement for next time.

    When you park up leave fuelcock on fuel. When you go to ride next time position choke and turn fuel cock to prime/ON/DOWN. the bike should start. If not after a 3 attempts "open closing" throttle and tuning over started ignition then push start it. I believe the valves may be slightly out.

    don't forget to turn from down/PRIME/ON TO FUEL... ONCE STARTED

    I changed my tubes to see through makes it easy to see fuelcock is working properly.

    FYI the tube going out the left of fuelcock is fuel into carb. Don't be afraid to pull off in rev or fuel as only a small amount of fuel comes out. On or prime will cause constant flow out. You can test it manually just be ready for fuel come down.

    98 octain only, from BP only...

    Like my posts plez ppls...L8r

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