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Another Clueless Perthie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jokerWA, May 21, 2006.

  1. Hey guys I'm still taking lessons at this stage after wanting to get started for YEARS, will probably be looking at a GPX250. I'm based in Vic Park so there are plenty of shiny bikes to look at just down near the Causeway... just wanted to say hi for now and I'm sure once the license gets closer I'll be on here a lot begging for info :p


    "Every day above ground is a good day"
  2. Hi :cool:

    beg away... there's plenty of people here that will be able to give you info (good & bad :wink: )

    when do you go for your licence??
  3. mate good luck with your test and hope u all the best...
    as for info here....good luck :LOL: :LOL:
    narh just kidding mate... we are all here to help
  4. well the majority are atleast :wink:
  5. Good Luck!
  6. all the best mate :)
  7. Booked my test

    I've only JUST managed to get in touch with the DPI, work has been a bit flat out and every time I managed to get on hold with them something else came up... So I'm booked in at Midland on the 28th of July, hope I can get up to scratch by then, I've only had two lessons so far but I'm lovin' it. Thanks for the encouragement guys :grin:
  8. I found that having a bike sitting in your garage waiting to get ridden was a really good way to make sure you get that license as soon as possible.
    Just make sure its not too tempting, i kept mine under a sheet :p
  9. With a handle like Joker you better not wear your name on your jacket or you could be a very temporary rider......
  10. Joker

    Heh yeah Joker is the tag I use all over the net, it's a poker reference in my case... it was only after I signed up and said hi that I thought "Hmmmm wait a second..." :eek: :p
  11. Who loves ya baby!

    Once you've got some road rides under your belt I might be willing to let ya borrow my bike a bit... Though we'd have to yoink someone with 4 years of experience for it to be legal... Not saying it has to be...

    Course, you drop it, you gotta... Well. I don't know. I can't think of anything bad enough right now. I'll get back to you. =P
  12. RE-Booked my test

    Thanks to everyone who PM'd to wish me luck for the 28th... unfortunately I won't be sitting the test then :cry: I've had to postpone it, basically because I'm not going to be ready, need to tighten up Controlled Braking (not enough drilling on that) and my general ride. Actually I'm pretty confident that my road riding skills ain't that bad but I'm either stopping with rubber laid down or stopping too slow for the Controlled Brake.

    Thanks again guys, and roll on 14th September! (Yeah of course I'll be hammering the DPI trying to get a earlier booking :p).
  13. Booked in at Joondalup myself for the 26th Sep!! Midland was booked solid till November.

    I believe theres some August vacancies at Joondalup if you dont mind going out that way.

    Good luck when you do- oh and hope to hear back from the PM i just sent you!!

  14. Good luck for when you test.

    And any other Perthies ,we really should try to get together for a coffee to begin with.Dont let it only happen in the East.

    Unfortunately I can't commit to anything for various reasons but any one with ideas for a central venue as I am in Waikiki/Rockingham and would like to meet a few riders.
  15. Yeah I've been wanting to suggest this for ages but have been putting it off (partly cuz I wanted to have my license). But there's a place near me in Vic Park. I wanna talk to the owner first because I'm down there all the time and I don't wanna give them the shits by suddenly turning up with a tonne of bikers if they feel it'll hurt their "image" or whatever, but once I've had a chat I reckon it'd be a good spot. It's reasonably central too... another place suggested was the DOME cafe up in Hillarys but that's not so much central as Way Up North :p

    Click here to see the post in General Discussion about getting something started :grin:

    ::EDIT:: Removed the Cafe in Vic Park as they wouldn't be suitable, but check the post in General Discussion for the replacement.
  16. For myself it would take me about an hour to Vic park from home and about an hour and 20 to Hillarys I think
  17. Meeehh I moving to Medina and I work in Malaga so It does not really matter to me.
    I love to ride. (RHS) :)
    I'll meet you guys/girls anywhere.
    But will have to wait a month till I get back there from Sydney.
  18. Hey there PERTHITES....... :cool: its good to see more perth people on here......!

    um, Scorpious31 i am down your way in Leda - i ride a stock standard Hyosung GT250R in Electric Mango Yellow (i just love saying that! :cool: ).
    & havago i am just down the road from you too....
    its nice to know of fellow bike riders in the area.......

    and YES one day a meet would be great......!

    :idea: just wondering if any of you guys/gals are on the local Perth boards eg; PSB or Perthriders?

    if not you should get on them cause they aint bad at all :!:

    oh well chat soon people & stay SAFE!