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Another close one

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by raven, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Minding my own business on a winding country road with a few friends, ease into a left hand sweeper, only to spot what looked like some tree debris or a a branch in the shadows, lying right on my chosen line...I eased wide to avoid it, THEN realized I hand changed course straight at was the MUCH BIGGER end of the same branch!

    As it was lying more or less in the direction of travel I did'nt want to hit it with any lean on, thinking the branch might role from under the tyres and toss me off the road. So I quickly tried to stand the bike up for a second, as I took a heavy hit on the front end. The Hit, shot me off line straight at a couple of cars, giving me very little room to play with. Fortunately, I was able to countersteer away from the car with an aggressive push on the clipon, and that save my arsk!...whew!

    So beware. The broken shadows of the day can hide things from plain view!

    See the vid - http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x290/jgm-57/Videos/?action=view&current=Closecall.flv


  2. A good lesson for everyone to keep within their limits. Unexpected obstacles can pop up at anytime. Nice cool headed riding .
  3. That would have had my adrenal gland pumping...! Nice work not target fixating on the oncoming car!
  4. I reckon my sphincter muscle would have been gripping the seat pretty hard!

    That’s one of the reasons my ride to Dargo last Monday was much slower than the ride home.
  5. :eek:
    Now that's one close call!
    Well done on keeping your wits about You John =D>
  6. Geez raven that was close! Well done on maintaining control though, hopefully no more of these close calls!
  7. Good save. :S

    Hey, JP, have you de-winterised your bike yet? ;)
  8. It will be soon :)
    I've got exams at the moment, and I know it would be too tempting to go riding on these nice sunny days instead of studying. I'll let you know when I'm back on the road!
  9. You can say THAT again...that's twice now...and they come in three's, so I'm a little gun-shy of next one...(you know...will it be THE ONE, or just another exciting moment to add to the experience bag) eurgh!..

  10. What road was this on ?
  11. I watched the other video you had up too.... THAT was scary.
  12. mmm...I dunno. I've been on it often enough but don't know the name - down in gippsland.
  13. Bit of rear brake and a weighting the outside peg would have seen you right.
  14. Eh?...you'll have to explain that one, Ceejay...just trying to figure that out..
    I weighted both pegs for the hit (arsk light on seat) off the brakes, arms lose, then after the hit, dumped all my wieght on the inside peg as I pushed, to get the bike over quickly to turn away from the cars..

  15. Perhaps if you had put the left glove on first you would have got my lame joke...
  16. Oh crap!...(egg on face)...:rofl:(y)
    Ya got me...hook line sinker plus the outboard motor)
  17. hehehe
  18. Great recovery, and i think we all recognise the sounds of those deep breaths afterwards when any of us have had a close call, it gets the heart pumping and eyes wide open doesn't it